Six Ways To Survive Fuel Scarcity


It is rather excruciating that the queues are back to the petrol stations and motorists and other users of petroleum products are having a hard time getting the products at filling stations. Some of those who are lucky enough to get buy at very exorbitant prices, as high as N200 against the recommended N86. Ordinary Nigerians feel the negative impact more as they would have to pay double fare price for transportation, this in turn affect prices of everyday items they use, like food items.

For those of you, who live in Lagos, Jumia has put together 5 easy ways to survive the fuel scarcity and save little cash…

Take BRT: The Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System, also known as BRT is a good alternative to driving. The fare is relatively cheap and is flat. While danfo drivers are doubling their prices in order to accommodate the increase in pump price of petrol, BRTs and Lagbuses don’t as their prices remain thesame.

Shop Online: rather than waste you hard-hustled fuel going to by your electronic items, fashion wares, mobile phones, laptops and meeting most of your need. Simply visit Jumia to shop at your convenience and have it delivered to your house without having to bother about fuel.

Catch the Train: Seeing people sit on top the trains or hang by the door may have made some Lagosians swear off ever riding in one but with this period of fuel scarcity and double pump prices, it would be a good idea to overcome your phobia and irritation and catch a training going your route. Aside the very notorious trains, there are now more fancy ones that were installed by the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan. The new trains even have Air Conditioner. Just like BRT, the fare is a flat rate, it would save you money and help you get to your destination a whole lot faster than your personal vehicle would as there is no traffic on the rail.

Off Peak period: This is the time of the day when most people are either in their respective houses or place of work. This period is usually very early in the morning and very late at night. If you do not have anything serious to do in town at peak period, it would be advisable to schedule your appointments to help you be on the road during off peak period. The fares are usually normal when there are no rush.

Leave town early: From 4pm, most Lagosians would have started making their return home, hence bus stops will be filled with people waiting to get a bus. Danfo drivers usually take advantage of this situation to exploit people. Because fares are not monitored, there is usually a sudden rise depending on the crowd at the bustop and their eagerness to rush in. Round off, all you need to do in town early so you are well on your way home before 4pm.

Before morning rush: In Lagos, transport fares are fairly normal very early in the morning say around 5am. The day would still be fresh and the weather still cozy. There wouldn’t be any pressure on the danfo drivers because the roads will still be very free by then. Psychologically, he still feels there’s more to be made from passengers who will come out later. So, if you’re looking o save some money, it would be advisable for you to leave around that time.

We hope these tips help!!!