Smartphone Myths Busted


If you have been using a smartphone for some time now, you will in no doubt have heard and probably fallen for some misconceptions concerning smartphone specifications and hardware. We live in a world where information, both true and false, travels at the speed of light and so it just takes only seconds for inaccurate information to get on the internet and go viral.

If you have caught wind of any myth/misconception, we are here to clear the air! Below are some phone misconceptions and clarifications on the actual truth:

MYTH: The Higher The Megapixel, The Better The Pictures

TRUTH: It is not plain arithmetic that the more megapixels your phone powers, the finer your selfies and scenery shots will come out. There are a lot of other factors which come into play in the pursuit of the perfect picture. Some phones have a clearer collage of colours, some camera lenses pick up light better and some camera lenses just work better. At the end of the day megapixels are a big factor but not the sole factor.  Zooming in to capture an image is where megapixels forges its greatest impact.

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htc desire eye 19

MYTH: The Higher The RAM, The Faster Your Phone

TRUTH: Again it is not just the RAM of your phone that guarantees lightning speed processing especially when you are playing heavy games or running heavy applications.  Other features you need to consider to be sure your phone will remain lag free when you push it to the limit is the processor type, Dual, Quad core or Octa Core. The availability of snapdragon processors and graphics chips are also just as important as the number in front of the RAM.

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MYTH: You Can Strengthen Your Battery By Thoroughly Charging And Discharging It Frequently

TRUTH: This is the most common misconception of the lot. A lot of us deprive ourselves the immediate happiness of discovering our new phone because we proceed to first of all plug the phone to power for up over 7 hours in a bid to strengthen the battery. There is no scientific theory to back this up. In truth the minute you whip your phone out of the box you are good to go.

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This article was written by Yemi Kuti

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