So You Want to Buy a Video Game?


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Video Game Consoles: Game On!

Game consoles have become the ultimate modern entertainment devices. These days, they are merely not just devices that let you play games, as they now provide entertainment for the family such as streaming movies and surfing the internet.

Old generation: Sega Mega Drive





Video game consoles are not just for kids or geeks anymore, they are a good addition to any home and can serve as an ideal tool for family bonding sessions. Here are the different types of game consoles that are sure to elevate your home entertainment system:

Sony PlayStation, which debuted with PlayStation 1 in 1994, now in its 4th series, the PlayStation 4 retails for around N115, 000. For this price, you get a 500GB RAM console, DualShock controller, HDMI and charging cable. Sony PlayStation consoles are the most popular and powerful game consoles in this generation. They have a graphic intensive processor and fast memory.

Playstation 4 (PS4)

The PS4 gives access to streaming services such as Netflix, which makes it the ultimate modern entertainment device. Popular games on PlayStation include FIFA, Pro Evolution Sport, Call of Duty and etc. which retail from N10, 000. Add-ons are available to take your gaming experience to the next level on PS4 such as DualShock 4 wireless controller pads, retails from N13, 780 and the PlayStation Plus, a member subscription service that connects gamers to an online community. 3 months subscription will cost you anywhere from N7, 500, while 12 months will cost N26, 000. Gamers get to enjoy 2 new games free of charge every month and other perks. Please note that subscription is country specific.

Playstation 4 Dualshock Wireless Controller












Microsoft X-Box One

Microsoft’s X-box One has been upgraded through the years since 2013, the latest version comes with a Kinect sensor, HDMI cable, one wireless controller pad and a headset for chat. Like the PlayStation, the X-Box one X, from N75, 900, has fantastic visuals and is best for demanding games, such as first-person shooters and fast-paced action games. The console comes with the option of Kinect sensor or without. This sensor is used for motion-controlled games and for voice and gesture control of the console’s other features. The X-box One is also a good home entertainment tool, with access to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and X-box Guide, which lets you control your satellite TV without changing outputs. 

Add-ons for the X-box One include additional wireless controller pads, from N10, 000 and the Kinect sensor, from N35, 000. Popular games on X-box One include Titanfall, FIFA and Mortal Kombat.


Nintendo Wii was the pioneer in motion controlled gaming. The Nintendo games are the most family friendly in the console world. Retailing from as little as N34, 000, the Wii has lots of gaming options to appeal to most types of family bonding session, from Super Mario to Legend of Zelda and Rapala Fishing Tournament.  With the Wii, you can access the internet, streaming services and other digital content.



Article written by COCO.