Sony Xperia Z Tablet- The Android Tablet of the Year


The [rad-hl]Sony Xperia Z Tablet[/rad-hl] like no other android tablet is stylish, sleek and super light in weight but heavy in features. The New Android tablet happens to be the world slimmest 10inch Tablet with High definition Display making it the toughest of all Android Tablets to be released this year. Arguably this Gadget has made it to the Top list of tablets released this year and still remains the only water resistant tablet that can survive up to 30 minutes in water or while exposed to rain.

The [rad-hl]Sony Xperia Z Tablet[/rad-hl] comes in with 10inch screen and it is very user friendly. What makes this Tablet the Android tablet of the year? Read more about in the specifications below

Dimension 266x172x6.9mm (10.47×6.77×0.27 in)

Battery: 6000mAh

Weight: 17.4oz

Screen Size: 10.1-inch 1080p

Display: HD Reality

Operating System: Andriod 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with Sony UI

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon s4 pro, quad-core at 1.5 GHz

Resolution: 1980 x 1200

Storage: 16GB + MicroSD

Network: 3G/4G

Connectivity: Wifi/GPS

Camera: 8MP

Video: 1080P Video


Sony Xperia Z Tablet on Jumia blog

The overall rating so far for this Tablet is 8/10 and it’s not just because of it’s good looks (design), it has in built messaging applications such as Google talk. The [rad-hl]Sony Xperia Z[/rad-hl] gives users a different experience with awesome stereo speakers for listening to music and watching videos which can be stored in the 16gb storage space. Sony Stepped up their game giving the tablet 8.1 mega which is a tip of the ice-berg with added camera features (Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), CMOS image sensor, Auto focus, Touch to focus, Digital image stabilization, Smile detection etc). All this is clearly new stuff.

When used nonstop, the New Sony Tablet has stand-by time of 37.1 days. With music and other media playing however, it reduces but that’s as good as it gets for now with gadgets. You can imagine how many more things the Ultra Slim [rad-hl]Sony Xperia Tablet Z[/rad-hl] has to offer In comparison to Apple’s Ipad 4 (which is cheaper) there is a big difference especially with the number of things you can do with the tablets.

I know a lot of people are loyal fans of Apple (just as I am) but when you see one that beats it hands on you have to step back and appreciate innovation and yes i am talking about the [rad-hl]Sony Xperia Tablet Z[/rad-hl].

The question now is would you spend N84,000 to acquire this Sleek, Stylish, Tough, water resistant gadget?

My Two Cents,

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and you have appreciation for features and Good taste for Hardcore Tech Gadgets, then you need to invest in the Sony Xperia Z Tablet. Click [rad-hl]Here[/rad-hl] to Buy the Android Tablet of the Year Sony Xperia Z Tablet.

This Article was written by [rad-hl]Olamide Amosu[/rad-hl]

Photo Credit: Forbes, Phandroid

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