SOS! We’re Having An Earthquake!!!


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As initial forecasts have revealed, an earthquake of Magnitude 50.0 [%] has hit our online store. We checked our seismometers this morning and the numbers will astound you!. The entire online store has been seriously affected by this landslide price slash.

While we await further reports on this quaking tremor, word on the street from shoppers who have seen this in the past, is that it supersedes any other they’ve ever experienced. Our rescue teams are helping survivors look through the rubble otherwise known as product categories (from TVs, phones, laptops and so on), to help ensure they find their valuables.

We hear old prices have fled the scene of the tremor and have been replaced by unbelievable discounts! Seismic waves will be delivered all across the country depending on how fast you place your order. Same day delivery is so on!.

This seismic activity is said to last all day. This implies that for the next 24 hours, you are advised to stay on our site.

I repeat, stay on


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  1. this is beautiful Angie.
    I am soooo Proud of what you are doing !!!!!!!!

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