So the Nigerian economy has been misbehaving of late.

And prices of goods are just soaring anyhow.

(Why, Please)

Even locally-made products are now expensive!

(Everybody is shouting exchange rate up and down. )

Your expression, when your pepper-seller says tomatoes are expensive because of the dollar.

(You mean you now use dollar to bring tomatoes from Jos?)

Let’s help you find a way out of all this wahala.

(Free of charge advice)
  1. Be sure to prioritize your spending.
Make sure you keep a list of weekly necessities, ensuring you commit to buying only the most important things on the list

You must try your best not to waste precious food!

If you realise you are not going to use an item in the fridge, move it into the freezer to preserve. Chuck all your soft fruits into a blender and make a smoothie rather than throwing them away!

With the increase in fuel prices and never ending fuel scarcity, save yourself the stress and some extra cash by carpooling with colleagues who live within the same area. It’s great because you can all vent about the state of the economy!

If you need to treat yourself to some shopping, make sure you shop locally.

(Remember buy Naija to grow the naira)

Now that we are on this new electricity (is there a word missing here?). Remember to save electricity by turning off unnecessary appliances.

(So you won’t start crying when you see your NEPA bill!)


If you can walk somewhere, why waste your petrol?

You’re even giving your body good exercise so you can claim fitfam!)


Finally and most importantly, don’t forget to save, save, save; no matter how little.

(You never know when you’ll need that extra cash!)