Staying grounded in the midst of the lockdown


As the second week of the ongoing lockdown slowly ticks away here in Lagos, frustrations are starting to set in. Nowhere was this more evident than in the wide gamut of reactions seen online to the government declaring that Friday and Monday would be public holidays, to mark the forthcoming Easter. But inasmuch as you might feel like breaking free from the confines of the four walls of your house, we must continue to practice social distancing until that time when it is safe to go out again.

This is why it is important to maintain some form of equilibrium, even as it feels like all vestiges of our former lives are being slowly eroded away by the passing of each day. So here are 6 things you can do today to help you stay grounded while you continue to practice some social distancing.

1. Get a hobby

A collection of tools

Perhaps you’ve been considering getting into some arts and crafts. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on an online program you simply couldn’t find the time for. Well, now it looks like you have all the time in the world, so why not make the most of it? There are a million ways you could pass the time while at home, so choose one.

2. Check on your loved ones

A man making a phone call

Reaching out to your loved ones through phone calls or text messages, asking about how they are coping during these uncertain times, will go a long way in keeping them motivated. Some form of human connection is just as paramount during the lockdown as it was prior to it, and this would be a great morale booster for everyone involved. Remember, no man (or woman) is an island.

3. Eat well

A plate of spaghetti

And by this I mean eating your three square meals a day (or however many servings you’ve already determined as optimal for your diet and fitness goals). The quality of what you eat is just as important, so avoid an over-reliance on instant noodles and the likes. I’m looking at you, young bachelor who refuses to learn how to cook.

4. Stretch the legs

A woman stretching

The fact that you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you should stay cooped up in one tiny corner of your house. So make the most of all the space you have available by taking occasional tours around your humble abode. You’ll be surprised by just how many sights there are to see. And if you feel like you still have additional energy to burn, then perhaps you might be better served by one of the exercises on this list.

5. Stick to your morning routine

An alarm clock and a cup of coffee

Get up bright and early. Take a shower. Make some hot coffee. Listen to the morning traffic report on the radio. The important thing here is to stick to whatever early morning routine you’d already set for yourself prior to the lockdown. This would help you maintain some sense of normalcy in the midst of everything.

6. Embrace some quiet time

A woman taking a nap

Let’s imagine NEPA has pulled a fast one on you (not hard to imagine, I know) and now you are lost for what to do. You can seize the opportunity to do some reflection or even catch up on some lost sleep with an afternoon nap. You don’t have to keep circling through your social media feeds and being constantly reminded that you are stuck there with nowhere to go.

A woman meditating

There you have it, 6 things you can start doing today to ensure your stay at home doesn’t become too unbearable. Hopefully this is enough to see you through the remainder of the lockdown. What other activities have you found has been helping you keep a level head through all that is going on? Let us know in the comments section below.