A Stitch in Time Saves Nine


Many times, we have heard people saying “yes, but I’ll do it tomorrow.” What’s there in tomorrow?  Future doesn’t exist. It’s unpredictable.  We cannot leave our work on tomorrow. Let’s make it today, in fact right now. What we have is the Present; future is in no one’s hand. When we leave the work for next time, mostly what we get is to regret. That is surely the worst feeling in the world. What you all have to do is “Respect Time”.

Your future is created by what you do today; you’ll reap the benefits tomorrow. Let’s take a general example. We eat daily, try to add nutrition to our diet, that’s because we need a healthier future. We don’t want to regret to be killed by an unhealthy life & dangerous diseases, that’s why we are making our present healthy. We educate our kids today to make their future secured. What happens, if we waste years by years just in waiting for the right time to come to get educated? Few things look better if done on time. We cannot afford to lose time like sand slipping from our hands. Future is uncertain, so as the results you’ll reap. But at least you can work to make your today that good, which can control your future happenings.

Sometimes what happens is when you do not control your present actions; you try to shift your work for tomorrow. You never know, you won’t even get time to complete it tomorrow & your work remains incomplete. You might lose an opportunity also which can give you a feel of regretful. Time can buy you best of the gifts of life, but if not respected it can make you pay for it. If you see a person met with an accident in front of your eyes, crawling for help, you shouldn’t ignore it. Find him the nearest hospital as soon as possible. As you might have heard this phrase “A stitch in time saves nine”. You can save his life by taking correct actions at right time.
When you do certain activities in an extreme hurry, you won’t get the desired result as expected. Always organize your work as per time & complete it as decided. Delaying work also means you are afraid of taking responsibilities. Do it today, do not keep it for tomorrow. It might get worst tomorrow. Time never waits for anybody, neither its bias. Procrastinating or delaying the work is the symbol of laziness. Avoid it! Future starts today.