So, suddenly I heard a loud laugh coming from my sitting room and of course curiosity kicked in. I rushed to find out what the joke was all about just to see my younger sister neck-deep into her smartphone with a very wide grin on her face.

Babe what’s cracking you up”, I asked. She gave me her phone and suddenly, I found myself laughing really hard. Anxious to know what it is right? #waitforit….

I saw a vibrator penis ring and it was “PINK” in colour. Oh boy! Firstly I was shocked to find out that a vibrator penis ring existed, secondly was shocked that it was sold on JUMIA and to top it all up, it was “PINK”, not blue, grey or green but PINK! Anyways, only real men wear pink right?

Intrigued, I went a step further to see if I could see other strange products on JUMIA and saw a lot but to mention a few.

  • Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Flute: This is a flute with the shape of a hair-dryer. This flute has 12 holes like the regular popular recorder. To check it out… Click here.
  • Magic Fidget Cube Anti-anxiety Focus Stress relief: (phew! A mouthful). In all fairness, I do not know what this product does but I guess the people that make use of this are very willing to pay. Click here to check it out.


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  1. You guys are certainly doing pretty well I remember when you guys made it to the Nigerian market no-one wanted to buy from you thinking it was a scam, but today you guys are taking over the internet sales in Nigeria. wow! what else can one say except to say bravo.

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