Monday Style Inspiration- Denim Effect


‘Monday Style Inspiration’

I don’t know why I am this excited about today, i guess it’s because i know we are moving closer to the end of the year. Mondays are usually very hectic for me even with the fact that i had been planning all through the weekend but on the flip side, the day is moving surprisingly fast and work is coming on well. Enough talk about me, hope you all had an amazing weekend? I definitely had fun this weekend after gracing a really cool costume birthday party.

Anyway today’s Monday style Inspiration was inspired by Yours Truly, Keeping it Smart & Simple with the denim effect. To start my amazing week, i did not really plan what to wear from last night but this morning i was glancing through pictures on my iPad and i saw a picture from Pinterest. I was so intrigued about how simple and stylish the outfit was, i took up the day’s challenge with this look.


So i looked through my wardrobe, picked up a simple long sleeve oxford shirt, and a pair of jeans with a nice belt. It felt like a quick fix but to my surprise i began to get compliments like “i love your look”, “It’s so simple, smart and yet stylish “. Someone even said, is this your boyfriend’s shirt? Lmao… You know how they say ladies look good in men’s shirt .

We will be reviewing my Monday Look and if you like it, You can grab the whole outfit online at

My very own Monday Style Inspiration with

Long Sleeve White and Blue Stripe Oxford shirt, Navy Blue Light Jeans, Thin Brown Belt and Striped Covered Pumps. I rolled up the sleeves of the shirt just like the picture ‘above’ , combining it with the brown belt to give it that simple look. The biggest challenge was the shoes to wear. I did not want my monday outfit to look too serious, I wanted it to be simple thus representing my denim theme and still be stylish. So i added the brown zebra stripe pumps to give my outfit a little pop. The result is a Simple Look that can be worn as work casual anytime.

monday style inspirationINSIDE-1

Other ways to Rock the Denim Monday Look

You can pair up your denim Monday look with some nautical coloured silk sleeved or chiffon sleeveless top on nice court heeled shoes. It gives your outfit the Not too serious but yet simple & stylish look. When trying to achieve the Simple & smart casual look make sure your colors are not too bright so it blends in just fine.


Ladies, if you plan to go for a meeting or 2 on a Monday and you are in a flexible environment where you don’t have to be all Suited up, you can also try your Simple Denim Monday look. Simply by tossing on a Navy Blue/coloured Boyfriend Blazer(Rolled Up sleeves) on White Tank Top and Flat pumps or plimpsoles, adding little accessory to finish up your look. This way you will be pulling off your Simple & Smart Monday look with little effort.

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This Article was Written By Olamide Amosu