Starting Your Online Business – 10 Things You Need To Know


‘Starting Your Online Business in Nigeria’

These days it is easy to get your business up and running online, anywhere in the world than trying to get a physical location. The benefits of getting your business online or operating online are countless. Asides marketing, it allows your target audience from all over converge together at one location. The Web is the best and easiest option for you to start up or expand your business. Many people question reasons why their business has to come online and here is my answer ‘It is because we are already in a technology age where you can run your business remotely from your computer/mobile phone, making it easier for you to create awareness for your business and make money without stress even if you are an employee.

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I will use my story as a case study ”Back in 2009 before E-commerce became big in Nigeria, I started up a small Gagdet accessories business which soon became fairly big to the extent where i had customers in offices around Lagos & Abuja. I pushed my accessories on Facebook and Twitter and with regular updates, I was able to increase my customer base. I would go out everyday delivering to people and soon after i could not continue moving around that much due to traffic and a lot more. So i looked into options when i started working that would allow me continue making sales but with less stress like i was experiencing before. At that time that option was not open and i closed up the business”

Now there are many ways of getting your business online the right way and make as much from them. You just need to know some key tips before getting online. For those who have always had the thought of getting their products online along with thousands of items Nigerians are looking for online, Here are some things you need know

1. Be sure about what you want to sell online (Cloths, Shoes, Accessories, Bottle water, Books, Electronics, Gadgets e.t.c)

2. Be sure your audience is online and looking for your products. All you need to do to know this is to get online and do a little search on google for what people are always enquiring about and products they may be searching for.

3. Find out where your target Audience Online reside (Website, Social media, forums). Places online they visit regularly

4. Be Sure to Have Good quality, the best quality for the items you are selling – The quality has to be good enough to pass quality checks anywhere before the customer gets it.

5. Make sure your customers will be enjoying good quality at great price- the price is very important. Customers don’t like been cheated so they will patronize you easily if your price is good.

6. Visit and see if there is a category or section for what you want to sell.

7. Put together your proposal or Business Brief with details of what you want to sell online and Product images

8. Send Your proposal or Business Brief to [email protected]

9. Visit a Buyer in Jumia with your products, discussing terms of sale and benefits

10. By now you are ready to get online (Finally: Deliver your items to Jumia and in no time your store will be created. Then You can start sharing links to your store on jumia on Facebook, Twitter, Bbm)

The good thing about getting online with Jumia is that you get almost Free Marketing and don’t have to worry about how your customers get your products because Jumia has logistics covered. Customers all over Nigeria get to see your products and Buy.

You can start your online business now on

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This Article Was Written By Olamide Amosu

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