Suits Style- Corporate Monday


“Heyyyyy!!! It’s Friday!!!! Then OMG, It’s Monday already???”
Familiar scenery right? I know
There is something about Mondays that brings about so much seriousness, I have tried to figure it out but i guess it works differently for us. In a corporate world, the typical Monday is full of scheduled meetings than actual implementation to help groom everyone for the rest of the week which really is when all the work is done.

Today i have not had meetings but i have seen a lot of people gear up for their meetings, all suited up looking smart. You don’t need the big job title to look like you own your job especially in the corporate world, You dress how you want to be addressed. It is basically letting your look say you are the Boss. For Today’s style focus on “The Corporate Monday” Look, I shall be using the ‘Suits’ Television Series as my case study.

If you have never watched “Suits” ,you are probably hiding under a rock or in a village with no TV or Internet service. I mean, “Suits” is one of the highest rating Television series this year and not just because Harvey specter is an awesome successful Lawyer who dresses Like a Boss (same as all his other Co-stars in the Series), but they make the corporate Look even more sexy than you think.

The Series has been acknowledged for its Corporate Fashion Style and i will be sampling 2 of my favourite and Best Dressed characters for How You can look Corporate, Sexy and Smart on Monday.. Get the Suits Style

Coporate Monday_2

Harvey Specter ‘Mr Successful’ In a Grey Gucci Suit, Canali Shirt and Zegna Tie. Get the Smart harvey Specter look on jumia and still look smart for your corporate Monday with a Grey Suit, Okunoren Cuff White Shirt and Pattern Tie

Coporate Monday_3-1

Jessica Pearson ‘ The Boss Lady’ in a Monochrome pattern Stella McCartney Jacket, L’Wren Scott Skirt and Black Leather Croc skin Hand-bag. Get the Boss Lady look with a Monochrome pattern jacket, Freedom pencil midi Skirt and David Wej Black Croc type Hand-bag.

This Article was written by Olamide Amosu

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  1. omg!!!! you guys are amazing!!!!! sweet mouth!!!
    #1 i love the series Suites.
    #2 i love the Harvey Specter
    #3 i love his outfit!!!!!!!!!
    you got me there….!
    i want my Monday to be just like my Friday!!! just Suites!!!!

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