Surveillance Cameras: Do It Like James Bond


Hello J Fam,

Few months back, there were several reports of kidnappings involving maids who took kids in their care to school, but never showed up with them. What made things messier was the fact the kids’ parents could not provide valid descriptions or photographs to identify.

Now imagine if the parents had installed a surveillance camera in their homes?

It’s 2015, guys. One cannot be too careful these days. So forget the cool stories the help tells you about why your kid is moody. As long as you have everything on live feed. Goodbye sly help. Hello cool spying.

Again, think about it, wouldn’t it be utterly amazing if you could finally figure out how your petty cash constantly gets missing, if your kid’s and caregiver explanations match up or like in the extreme kidnap case, be able to nab that naughty help with the click of a button.

The surveillance cameras come in all sizes and shapes which makes it easier to be hide or camouflage in crevices. So there’s little need to worry about it been discovered. Don’t miss the Motion capture capabilities; switch security system’s recording setting from “continuous” to “motion activated” the video you do capture will be of actual events as they unfold rather than hours upon hours of an empty hallway.

This actually puts your mind at rest knowing that, you can still know of any mischievous happenings in your home, even while you are absent. So go catch them red-handed and leave them speechless and defenseless! Lol.

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