Tablets are good for your Health


Like a raging tide, this wave of technology has even landed in hospitals. Tablets are overturning concepts of a laptop. The PC has now become a truck and rather than taking actions, sometimes we take need to take tablets.Tablets often weigh 1/3 the weight of an average laptop, so the strain of carrying a tablet is far less.

Here are 3 reasons you need a tablet:
A great e-book reader: Although, electronic books can be read on almost any electronic device, reading is best on a tablet. It’s a lot more enjoyable to read novels when on the sofa, rather than sitting upright in a desk chair in one’s home office.

It’s affordable: There is no shortage of choice on Jumia tablet PC market, which means that there are products of all levels for every budget. It also costs less to support since it isn’t as fully functional as a regular desktop, and therefore fewer viruses are likely to harm the tablet.

It’s better than a smartphone: True, a phone may be labelled “smart,” trying to take notes during a meeting or watching movies on it during a five-hour flight just won’t cut it on such a small device. Tablet PCs are larger and offer a better overall user experience whether reading, writing or watching a movie.

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  1. pls I purchase a tablet from jumia, and were they say is my pickup station is not were I fill in my request form. I need my package to be delivered in Bayelsa State branch not Onitsha . pls you people should try and delevery my product this week before I spend d money. pls thanks

    1. Hi Elfredah. I am sorry about the issue. Kindly contact service or call 07006000000 to help resolve the issue. Thank you.

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