The Infinix Gaming Experience


The mobile phone in its original form was made for one purpose, to ease communication between people. In fact as we all know, the first phones were made to serve two interconnected purposes, to make and to receive calls. The sending and receiving of text messages bit was as a result of an unparalleled brainwave at the time.

These days, mobile phones have evolved to be just like little genies. They can perform just about any wish you want them to and in this case you are in luck as your wishes are not limited to just three. You can use your mobile phone to take breathtaking pictures, shoot incredible music videos, browse through every nook and corner of the internet, play music, stay in touch with friends literally and so much more!

For game lovers, the biggest praise for today’s mobile smartphones goes to the fact that one can now play games like FIFA 15, Grand Theft Auto and more on their handheld devices! This luxury was not so long ago only reserved for game console units and PCs. Even more fascinating is that most of these phones are sold for absolutely free! Cult classic mobile games like Candy Crush, Temple Run and Angry Birds have grown to become enviable epidemics and have garnered a combined total download of well over 3 billion with revenues which run into billions of dollars. As evidence shows, the marriage between mobile phones and gaming is one which has been widely accepted and demanded by a teeming number of phone users.

Mobile phone manufacturers must have taken note of this trend. These days, the average phone in the market comes with at least one factory pre-installed game. Most mobile phone manufacturers now centre their sales pitches on the exciting gaming experience one can gain with the use of their flagship phones. So which of the phone companies is making all the right moves to please the teeming number of customers who are looking to enjoy an ultimate mobile gaming experience? An experience devoid of phone lags, habitual low battery notifications, heating up and all the other undesirables?

Mobile manufacturing giant, Infinix, stands tall in the forefront of this mobile gaming revolution and using its latest instalment, the Infinix Hot Note, as a case study it is easy to see why. The Infinix Hot Note comes with a 4000mAh battery which supports up to 4 hours continuous gaming, a ram size that allows responsive and non-lagging gaming, a 5.5’’ screen that displays vivid true colours in HD, enough ROM to store as many games as you want and excellent 3D gaming audio.

Jumoke Osho, who bought her Infinix Hot Note on the online retail store Jumia, and who was visibly delighted with its battery life said, ‘My friends think I use game cheats because I was able to get to level 267 or so on Candy Crush in just one week. The truth is that with my Infinix Hot Note I actually have a lot more battery power to play my beloved Candy Crush a lot more hours each day.

Asides crafting what is arguably the most complete phone for gaming purposes, Infinix has also forged associations with Gameloft and will pretty soon launch its own gaming platform called Xplay where it will offer customers a unique gaming experience obtainable on no other device. This result of this partnership has seen a steady growth in the amount of games being downloaded daily to Infinix devices.


Games such as the Ashpalt series, Brothers in arms and Assassin’s creed have now reached over 2 million users via Infinix phones. This goes a long way to show that Infinix is fully committed and prioritises the gaming experience on their devices. Thanks in part to the gaming ability of Infinix devices, the Infinix brand has also experienced a steady growth in the Nigerian market and is today among the top 10 brands in the Nigerian mobile phone Industry.


Country Manager of Infinix Mobile Nigeria, Bruno Lee said, ‘Infinix has a history and philosophy of providing affordable, durable and reliable phones to customers, and also takes into serious consideration feedback from Infinix users. We understand that users yearn for an affordable phone with a long lasting battery which can afford them the luxury of playing their favourite games and applications for long hours, hence the birth of the Infinix Hot Note. The success of this phone speaks for itself as it went on to sell over 50,000 units in just one short week on Jumia. We expect to record even greater numbers during the Jumia Mobile Week which runs from the 1st of June to the 7th as we would be selling our flagship devices at unbelievably low prices in what would be the biggest mobile sales event in Nigeria’.

There is no place for boredom in the 21st century. If you have not joined the gaming revolution, you definitely are missing out on an excitement of a different dimension. From first shooter games, to puzzles to running games, your options are unlimited. Hit the Play Store today to download your next best timekiller.