The Infinix Hot Note Pro Review


It is a case of Hot (Infinix Hot), Hotter (Infinix Hot Note), Hottest (Infinix Hot Note Pro) as  Infinix has just launched the incredible Infinix Hot Note Pro on Jumia. The Infinix Hot Note Pro is by all accounts poised to become the phone of 2015 and all arguments made by phone critics about phone companies shying away from producing a complete phone have finally been put to bed.

The Infinix Hot Note Pro is a perfect phone with all Pros and no cons! It further proves Infinix intent, canvasses their stamp of authority and highlights their readiness to take over the mobile landscape in Nigeria.  It is bursting with enough features to make a recording artist jealous and so it is understandable and expected for a gadget lover to immediately consider changing his/her phone after just a glimpse of what the Infinix Hot Note Pro offers!


Display: 5.5 Inches IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen

OS: Android 4.4 KitKat

Camera: 8 MP rear, 2 MP front

Memory RAM: 2 gig

Storage: 32GB, can be expanded with a micro sd card

Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

Colors Available: Copper Brown, Champagne Gold, Anthracite Grey

Key Features


The Infinix Hot Note Pro can be described as the one smartphone with all Pros and no cons and this is evident right from its outer appearance to its inner mechanism. The Infinix Hot Note Pro can easily be mistaken for the Infinix Hot Note as it spots the same distinctive plastic outter body and 5.5 inch screen. The power and volume buttons take their rightful positions at the side of the phone and if you looking to charge your phone/transfer data you can find the USB port at the bottom of the phone. It is available in attractive colors of Copper Brown, Champagne Gold and Anthracite Grey!

Operating System and Connectivity:

The Infinix Hot Note Pro has been described as the remastered version of the Infinix Hot Note and as the adjective suggests, it corrects all limitations, albeit hard to find, of its predecessor. It as such runs on Android 4.4 KitKat OS which is powered by a 2gig ram, a step up from the 1 gig RAM of the Hot Note. The Octa Core processor is a mainstay and so your wildest fantasies have been fulfilled, as you have a peak platform to enjoy all your favorite applications and games seamlessly. Infinix understands that sharing is caring, and so the Infinix Hot Note Pro offers WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, USB V2.0 and Bluetooth.

Camera and Video:

It’s time to shoot people…and landscapes! The Infinix Hot Note Pro comes with an 8 mega pixel front camera for professional and next to perfect camera shots.


According to a survey conducted with the top 100 bloggers in Nigeria, the number one specification customers look out for in phones is the Battery power. If this is the case, the Infinix Hot Note Pro will be a highly sought after phone as it comes with a 4000mAh battery with superfast charging capabilities. The race will always be on to see who tires out faster, you or the Not Note Pro, with the Hot Note Pro more often than not carrying the day.


Just like a Professional, the demand for the Infinix Hot Note Pro is greater than the supply. Nothing haunts us more than the things we miss out from so you better not miss out! Get your hands on the Infinix Hot Note Pro now and get 3000 gig data instantly and 100% data bonus from MTN. Click here to place your order!

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

111 thoughts on “The Infinix Hot Note Pro Review”

    1. Hi Idowu, the Infinix HotNote Pro charges 3X faster than other devices. Thanks to 3A current, your HotNote Pro charges up to 75% (3000mAh) in less than 1 hour and gives you up to 36 hours of battery life.

    1. Hi Jafaar, you can order for it anywhere in Nigeria and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

  1. what else do you need in a smartphone? MEn dis HOt note pro gat it all. I order 3pieces today for me nd my friends. Nice phone!

  2. is dere anything special dt comes with the phone.personally from jumia? Nd can i get a black or white color

    1. Hi there, it comes with a free MTN sim card and 3gig data instantly. You also get 6 months free whatsapp and 1 month free music streaming. It is currently only available in Copper, Gold and Brown. Thank you.

      1. have activated the sim from MTN which came with the Hot Note Pro , now how do we go ahead to claim the free 3 gig data along with 6 months free whatsapp and 1 month free music streaming ?

          1. have sent message to MTN since yesterday but still haven’t received any response . pls advise what step should be taken next

    1. Hi Chris, the Infinix Hot Note Pro comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. Thank you.

  3. Please, how much can i get infinix hot & infinix hot note, at jumia presently

    1. Hi Fuad, the Infinix Hot sells for N16,000 while the Infinix Hot Note sells for N24,500. Thank you.

  4. Yemi, I want to know if the hote note pro has a memory card slot. Meanwhile, I have placed an order for one.

    1. Hi Kola, yes the Infinix Hot Note Pro does have a memory card slot. Great buy!

  5. Honestly yemi, can’t one trade in his phone, I bought infinix hot note in April and now pro is out, again which one ll u recommend between pro and zero 2 with all intent and purpose

    1. Hi Godfrey, you never know, we could have this service sooner than later. I’ll say since you have experienced the Infinix Hot Note it would be a good idea for you to experience the toughness, lightness and top performance of the Infinix Zero 2.

  6. i thought the camera is 13mp back and 5mp front. but now i see 8mp back 2mp front.

    1. Hi Segun, apologies for the initial miscommunication. The Infinix Hot Note Pro actually has a 8MP back and 2MP front camera. Thank you.

  7. I have received my order of the phone and everything is impressive,but why am I getting the message that I have already enjoyed the offer whenever I send the code for bonus data?

    1. Hi there, nice to heat that you are enjoying your purchase. May I please confirm if you are using the MTN sim card which came with the phone or a previous one?

      1. No, I am using my previous MTN line. I haven’t been able to go for d registration process of the new sim.

        1. Hi, the data bonus is only applicable to your new MTN sim card. Thank you.

    1. Hi Akeem, the battery of the Infinix Hot Note Pro is not removable.

    1. Hi Wale, yes the Infinix Hot Note Pro has an sd card slot to expand the memory.

  8. Can it support up to 64 GB external? Why didn’t they just make it 13mp?

    1. Hi Anaturuchi, the Infinix Hot Note Pro actually supports an external memory of up to 32gigabyte. It might interest you to know that the Infinix Zero 2 actually has a rear camera of 13MP. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kayode, I believe you mean the Infinix Zero 2 and there is currently no Infinix Hot 2 model. They are however two different models. Thank you.

  9. U said infinix hot note pro is sold 26000, but I just made an order for one and Jumia told me is 27000 so which one is true

    1. Hi Dennis, the Infinix Hot Note Pro sold for N26,000 during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. It now currently sells for N27,000. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.

  10. Its a nice phone, i like it but i haven’t be able to receive my 3gb bonus.

    1. Hi Segun, kindly text JUMIA to 131. If you still do not receive the data bonus kindly contact our customer service department on 07006000000. Thank you.

  11. In Infinix Hot Note Pro how can we upgrade the android version kitkat to lollypop ?

    1. Hi there, yes the Infinix Hot Note Pro can be upgraded from Android Kitkat to Android Lollipop.

      1. can you tell me the process to go about upgrading the Hot Note Pro to Lollypop since in phone settings no update is showing up

        1. Hi there, I can confirm to you that the update will be available for download by August. Thank you.

  12. Hi, I got my Infinix Hot Note pro this morning and I love it! But I want to be clarified about the difference between the Hot Note pro and Hot Note x551 because when I checked they are just the same except that the Hot Note pro is 32GB. So my question is, is the Hot Note pro and Hot Note x551 the same?

    1. Hi Benjamin, the Hot Note Pro also has an increased ram of 2gig. With this you have the opportunity to run heavier applications and games on it without the incidence of your phone hanging. Thank you.

  13. Can i get hot pro @ any slot, since am not interested in ordering online?

    1. Hi Ezekiel, unfortunately I am unable to confirm this. May we please confirm the reservations you have concerning shopping online? Authentic products, best prices, the most convenient shopping experience, and an excellent customer service unit and prompt delivery to your doorstep are just some of the many benefits you stand to gain from shopping online with Jumia.

  14. What makes infinix hotnote pro differ from the infinix hotnote? Since they are of same shape.

    1. Hey Sammie, the Infinix Hot Note is different from the Infinix Hot Note Pro. As you have rightly pointed out, they do have the same shape. The Hot Note Pro has an improved internal memory of 32gig and an increased ram of 2gig. Thank you.

  15. Hi Yemi please check this order #302377619 if its still valid. Have been waiting for the delivery.

    1. Hi Monday, your order has been shipped and as such you can expected to be contacted by our dispatch personnel prior to the delivery. Thank you for choosing Jumia.

  16. pls I skol at umuahia.I actually want to no if u av closer offices close by like in pH.cus I want to purchase d hot pro.nd if der wud b charges for delivery.

    1. Hi Chijioke, Jumia is an online ratail store and as such we do not operate physical stores. Once you place your order on Jumia we will deliver to you anywhere in Nigeria including Umuahia. A delivery cost would be charged which is highly subsidized and automatically determined by the weight and distance to your location. Thank you.

  17. The infinix hot note and the infinix hot note pro are the same apart from the ram of Hot Note Pro being upgraded. So how come the battery of the Infinix Hot Note Pro is not removable and that of the Hot Note is removable?

    1. Hi Efe, another difference is that the rom of the Infinix Hot Note Pro is double that of the Infinix Hot Note.

  18. i am presently in ondo town in ondo state nigeria… Pls how much will it cost to get it to my place, and in how many days will i be able to get it. Thanks

    1. Hi Oluwatobi, the delivery fee to Ondo Town is determined by the weight of the product and distance. It will be in the region of N2000. It will take within 3 – 8 days to have it delivered to your location. Thank you.

  19. How can I get the phone, infinix hot note pro. How much is the phone and what accessories does it come alongside with. Can I pay on delivery? Thanks.

    1. Hi Moses, the Infinix Hot Note Pro currently sells for N28,000. Simply place your order on Jumia and it will be processed and delivered to your location anywhere in Nigeria. You have the option of paying on delivery if you reside in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Kaduna, Abeoukuta, Calabar and Aba. The accessories included in the box include the charger, earpiece, user guide and phone. Thank you.

  20. pls yemi help me check for order #309293619 cause i ordered for it since monday and not gotten any call yet from the delivery personnel.

    1. Hi Mr Morountodun, you order has been processed and shipped out. You can expect to be contacted by our dispatch personnel prior to the delivery. Thank you.

  21. You said the price of infinix hot note pro is N28000, is your delivery charge inclusive? Thanks.

    1. Hi Moses, within Lagos the delivery is free. However you will be charged a subsidized delivery fee for regions outside Lagos which is not included. Thank you.

  22. Please why is the price of infinix hot note pro not steady and fixed? ordered it last week , but didn’t get any response. checked ur website now and the Price Is now 28k,jumia dis is really wrong Please .

    1. Hi Catty, may we have the order number of your initial order please? Thank you.

    1. Hi there, non removable batteries give manufacturers the chance to make their phones slimmer. It also reduces dust and humidity from entering into your phone. Inbuilt batteries also tend to last longer than removable batteries.

  23. good morning mr yemi kuti, thanks for yesterday, pls i sent mail [email protected] concerning the data attached to infinix hot i bought but nothing has been done uptill moment, pls is there anything i can still do? pls kindly help me out

  24. Can I access the free data that comes with the phone if I buy and register a new MTN sim card or must it be only the sim that came with the phone?

    1. Hi Ugochukwu, it has to be the sim that came with the phone. Thank you.

    1. Hi Timi, the highest memory card you can put in the Infinix Hot Note pro is 32gigabyte. Thank you.

  25. since the battery is not removable, how do you change it when it is completely dead.

  26. How can i replace the battery of the infinix hot note pro when it wears out since its not removable?

    1. Hi Kobi, you can take it to an Infinix Service Center for it to get replaced. Thank you.

      1. #Yemi, nice job u’r doing here, I really appreciate your sense and skill of cordial human inter-personal relationship. Always been precise, timely response and explanatory reply. Thumb Up bro.
        Please, where are Infinix Service Centers located in Nigeria, I’m presently residing in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Thank you

        1. Hi olalekan, thank you very much. Unfortunately the closest service centre to you is in Ibadan. Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadon, Oyo State, Nigeria
          Tel +2347027104664, +2347066085854. Be sure to go with your invoice. Best.

  27. pls, how is the current price for infinix hot not pro now and how is the delivery cost… I stays here in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom state

  28. Hi Yemi Kuti, please I would like to know if the infinix hot note pro uses the same smart view cover and sreen protector with the infinix hote note. Thank you sir.

    1. Hi Alex, yes both the Infinix Hot Note and the Infinix Hot Note Pro use the same smart view covers and screen protectors. Thank you.

    1. Hi Momo, the Infinix Hot Note Pro currently sells for N28,000. Simply click on the link to place your order and it will be processed and delivered to your location anywhere in Nigeria. Thank you.

  29. Pls hw much is d infinix hot note presently including d delivery charge,cos i reside in akure futa area nd i need d phone urgently.

    1. Hi Olawale, the Infinix Hot Note currently sells for N23,900. Delivery cost is automatically determined by the weight of the product and the exact address you input in the delivery address. Thank you.

  30. I was looking forward to buying the Infinix Hot Note Pro based on the specs mentioned in the video but it turns out that it was false information as some specs were incorrect.
    The camera of the Hot Note Pro is still the same as that of the Hot Note – 8Mp Primary, 2Mp Secondary.
    Where is the Hot Note Pro with the 13Mp camera?

  31. Kuti pls i ordered hot note pro from Enugu and i saw dat d delivery charge is free as i ordered… hope i will not b embarased of giving out any dine apart from 28k on d delivery port

    1. Hi there, kindly provide your order number to assist me in confirming whether or not a delivery fee will be charged. Thank you.

  32. Hi, I checked ur site and I saw 36 for infinix hotnote pro and while I was reading some comments here ur price are different. What’s happening abt d price what’s d real price cos d phone is really really on my mind wanna buy buh need to get d real amount for it .Thanks

  33. Seems u don’t have infinix hotnote pro for sale now cos I can’t sEe it in ur catelogue.

  34. Hi ketu, I wanna get infinix hot note, but wen I search for it on jumia now it all sold out, will it be avaible soon.

    1. Hi Gabriel, it will be available soon. Efforts are currently being put in place to ensure it is back in stock as soon as possible. Thank you.

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