The (My friends are all getting married) Wedding Season Guide!


Every season is wedding season in Nigeria really. On any given weekend, hashtags abound with pictures of the happy bride, the dotting groom and the turnt up wedding party. If you’re above 20 years old and live in Nigeria, chances are you’ve got your fair share of nuptials to attend/crash over the next few months. To help keep you on your A-game, ripe and ready to spot your own Mr. or Mrs. Right, here’s our guide of tips and tricks:

Cotton Wool: If you’re invited to a traditional wedding, and you decide to go, you have also committed to tying the dreaded gele on your head. Save your ears from irreparable damage by placing cotton wool on the pressure points under your gele when its being tied. Don’t forget to tuck them in properly, after your skull might have been compressed.

Cotton Wool 1

Flat Shoes: Don’t be that girl who just quits mid-way through the party and is walking around barefooted. Unless it’s that kind of party, have a back-up pair of sandals tucked away under the table that you can switch to.

Flat shoes (1)

Make-Up Bag: In said bag under the table, you should have a touch-up and go kit for any minor emergency to keep you looking flawless all night. Think lipstick, blotting sheets, perfume and chewing gum.

Make Up Bag 2

Power Bank: For all your snap-able and Instagram-able moments, your phone will be working over-time. Invest in a power bank if you haven’t already, it’ll serve you well in this life of inconsistent electricity. And you guessed it, it goes right in your tucked away bag of supplies or for the men, your back pocket.

Power bank 2

Umbrella: Not only because we’re currently in rainy season, but because you’ll need to shield yourself from the prying eyes of all the aunties on an engagement ring hunt. A durable umbrella will fit nicely in your supply bag and protect your hair slay and face beat whilst also helping you avoid all the questions and comments about you being next.


Water Bottle: Now, I’m not saying there won’t be lots to drink at the wedding (there usually is), nor am I encouraging you to be that sleazy person who smuggles some alcohol to drink later, but the nerve some men have will make you glad to have a water bottle of holy water to douse them with.

Water Bottles

Now in case find yourself at a reception where there really isn’t enough small chops to go round, don’t worry, simply order a meal from Jumia Food on your way home.

Jumia Food

Remember, party hard but party smart!