Weather for two | Your Sweater & you


The rains are here and frankly its whether for two. Yes, your sweater and you!  It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, or how you like to dress: You’re going to slip on a sweater sometime over the next few weeks, and you’re going to want to make it count.

The Crew neck: The crew neck is the most classic and versatile smart sweater style on the market. The crew neck plays a dual role in smart men’s fashion this season: as layering piece or on its own. When wearing a formal shirt, the rise of the round neck line will obscure the chest area so drop the tie for a minimal look.

Crew neck

The V-neck: In close proximity to the aforementioned crew neck, the v-neck is a staple knit type. Unlike the crew neck, wearing a tie to work is more – allowing you to relish in a nicely chosen woven or polka got print straight tie and a pairing with a muted pastel shirt – adding some style to the office.


The Roll neck: Also known as the turtleneck, polo neck or skivvy, the roll neck is this season’s biggest comeback sweater for men. Channelling it’s European origins – be it the intellectual or the artist – the roll neck looks dapper under a cotton blazer in contrast colour block, over light trousers. Hiding the collar of the shirt, a scarf is a neckwear touch instead of a tie.

Turtle neck

Shawl Collar: It may have dropped in popularity in recent seasons, but the shawl collar is a classic sweater neckline that still works – especially with tailoring. Under a blazer, the shawl collar adds some height and depth to a flat lapel – acting as a neckerchief or small scarf in creating visual ruffle against a simple tie and shirt ensemble at work.

Shawl collar

Scoop Neck: The open fall and drape of the scoop neck makes it the most relaxed of the smart casual sweater options this season. Keeping the proportions on par with tailored pieces, the scoop neck sweater should be worn slightly larger on its own, paired effortlessly with woollen jogger pants or dark denim.

Besides the primary function of keeping you warm, wearing a sweater is a surefire way to look put together. Depending on what lies ahead, you can get top quality and affordable sweat shirts on Jumia.