Manchester Derby | Win a N5,000 voucher


Alas! The match we have all be waiting for is around the corner. Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola go head to head for the first time as they renew their bitter rivalry in the Manchester derby this weekend. There is no love lost between the Manchester United and Manchester City bosses, and each will be desperate to gain bragging rights in their first meeting of the 2016-17 season.

To participate and stand a chance to win a N5,000 voucher:

  • Simple craft a Jumia smart shopper proverb that best captions the image displayed above and submit in the comments section below e.g. “The peacock who sits on its tail is just another turkey.”
  • The best 5 proverbs will be selected for you to vote on the blog.
  • Proverbs entries close by 10am on Friday, 9th of September, 2016.
  • The proverb can be fun or witty, but must be original.
  • The vote for the Top 5 proverbs will commence by 12pm on Friday, 9th of September, 2016 and would end as soon as Manchester Derby kicks off.





49 thoughts on “Manchester Derby | Win a N5,000 voucher”

  1. Two heads are not better than one when they decide to look in different directions

  2. “The house of every one is to him as his castle and fortress.”

  3. “He who goes into a battle with all his best will never end up on the vultures table” #BeJumiaSmart

  4. “Between two masters the battle is won and lost in the Hearts of the combatants” #BeJumiaSmart

    1. “In a game between two masters the battle is won and lost in the Hearts of the combatants” #BeJumiaSmart

  5. “When I turn right I see trouble, but when I turn left I see double-clash of the titans”

  6. morinho former club colour is blue current club colour is red and firmer club of pep is red now current club colour is blue #how things change

  7. “Rivalry of scholars advances wisdom, Rivalry of legendary managers sparks up soccer”

  8. “Rivalry of scholars advances wisdom, Rivalry of legendary managers lights up soccer”

  9. “When the goat is trampled to death, it’s owners come out”#BeJumiaSmart
    Igbo kwenu!

  10. That moment your Neighbours jumia order arrives three days after he ordered it and what you ordered from a different online shop about two weeks ago has not Yet arrived.

  11. “On derby day in Manchester, the city is cut in two. The Blues and the
    Reds invade the streets, and if your team wins the city belongs to

  12. “In a game between two masters the battle is won and lost in the Hearts of the combatants” #BeJumiaSmart

  13. “Even in a UnitedCity their is always a stand out from the crowd” who will it be…………….??

  14. A fight between two old nemesis with new weapons in their hands can be unpredictable #BeJumiaSmart

  15. The altimate goal of combat is to live to fight another day, hence, only the foolish gets killed in a war that is not his!!!

  16. When you hide the last bottle of coke in the house under the bed and come back to see your brother with it.

  17. Warriors do not win victories by
    beating their heads against walls,
    but by overtaking the walls. Warriors
    jump over walls; they don’t demolish
    them…likewise does jose mourinho and pep guardiola win victories on the field of play

  18. If you can’t win, stare at your opponent.
    If that doesn’t work, close you eyes to stop staring. That’s way you win the award for backing down.

  19. “No matter how intelligent a child is, he will not know how much the father spent in marrying the mother”

  20. A gallant soldier is the one who goes to war saw and conquered, not putting blame on his guns, or harsh whether.

  21. The moment has almost arrived. Forget Batman versus Superman –
    this is the highly anticipated blockbuster of the year: Pep Guardiola
    versus Jose Mourinho. Manchester City versus Manchester United.

  22. When gorillas smell danger, they run around and call
    out to the rest of the primates in the jungle to warn
    them something evil is coming. And when one of their
    own dies, they mourn for days while beating
    themselves up in sadness for failing to save that
    gorilla, even if the cause of death was natural. And
    when one colony is mourning, their chilling echoes
    migrate to other colonies — and those neighbors, even
    if they are territorial rivals, will also grieve with
    them. When faced with a common danger, rivals turn
    into allies. And when faced with death, the loss of just
    one gorilla becomes the loss of the entire jungle.

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