Timeless pieces- Top 10 wristwatches


Let’s play a game shall we? I mention something and you say the first name that comes to your mind. Ready? Let’s go!

GOLF!! Did i hear you say Tiger Woods? Awesome. FREE KICKS!!! Haha! You said David Beckham right? I’m Psychic..TALK SHOWS!!! Yes, you said Oprah. Now, TIME!!! You went quiet for a bit or spontaneously said “Money” Anyway, Yes Time is money. When you hear time is money what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me guess you would personalize it and think about yourself. Which i would agree with but today, we shall divulge a bit and talk about the more expensive time which is wristwatches.

My dear friend, time is really money and it takes some ‘time’ to finally get to understand this. Accessories like wristwatches have been ‘must haves’ way before my birth and this forms part of the reason why i know the importance. It is generally believed and accepted that the things we consider precious to us are highly valued and as humans one of such things is Time. Yes your wristwatch which enables you keep track of passing minutes and hours which transcends to days of our life should be something of high value

Another question guys; How many of you leave your house daily without a wristwatch? Another wild guess: Not so many and this is because we have a natural design that prods us to want to keep to time.  While dressing up and getting ready for the day, we also (sometimes) subconsciously try to match our accessories to go with our outfit.

While your favorite type of wristwatch might be different from that of others, we should not forget that wristwatches are timeless pieces with interesting features that range from style to value and these also differ from person to person.

On jumia.com we have a wild selection and types of wristwatches which i have streamlined into categories to ensure that personal tastes and preferences are catered to. So i will be telling you about the coolest types of wristwatches you can buy and the best prices you can get them. If you don’t agree with my list, You can add to this list by leaving a comment at the end of this post about your favorite piece.


10. [rad-hl]Clicloc- Rubber wristwatch[/rad-hl]

Price- N5,000- N5,500

Colours- Yellow, red, purple,

Clicloc’s are fancy wristwatches with a fun and innovative design complete with a rubber strap. This makes sure it isn’t too hard on the skin and totally blends in. The first time I saw one, I was amazed at how cool and simple the wristwatch is and our range comes in attractive colours offering you a variety of options.

So buy it, click it, lock it, love it

Whatever it takes

9. [rad-hl]Whatever it takes- Limited edition wristwatch[/rad-hl]

Price- N5,500- N5,995

“Whatever it takes” wristwatches were created for campaign purpose with top leaders, celebrities and others rocking this pieces complete with signed artwork featured on some editions. This type-wristwatch made the list became they are limited editions and they have been donned by some of your favorite celebrities (Serena Williams, katy perry, Pink, Hilary duff). They come in different types and colors. So you can own your favourite celebrities feature timepiece on jumia.


8. [rad-hl]Seiko Men’s Chronograph Watch[/rad-hl]

Price N42,995- N66,995

Seiko started making wristwatches from the late 1880’s and released the first chronograph watch in 1969 and since then, they have been on the top of the wristwatch market. Seiko’s chronograph watches come in stainless steel strap and nylon strap. Today Seiko remains one of the best chronograph watches for men.


7. [rad-hl]Timex Digital watches[/rad-hl]

Price N6,400 – N23,900

Timex is one of the world’s largest sports watch maker. The American wristwatch brand tailors its digital wristwatch to sports which makes them stand out. Their sports digital unisex wristwatches are cheap and affordable thus making it easy for them to find their way into the digital market and to the hands of desiring buyers


6. [rad-hl]Alberto  Fioro Watches[/rad-hl]

Price N2,495- N6,995

Yes Alberto fioro wristwatches are cheap but they also come in different classy styles to suit the type of watch you want. The high fashion wristwatches come with different styles selling themselves and via their style that fits into your lifestyle.


5. [rad-hl]G-shock- Rubber watch[/rad-hl]

Price N19,495- N24,895

Don’t be fooled by the ordinary look of this wristwatch. It looks basic but it comes with a lot of good features. This is one of my favorites because it is so simple and it can easily blend with your everyday life and outfits. The G-shock is known for its resistance to shocks with accompanying features such as Stopwatch, countdown, dark light and many more. It is definitely one of the coolest watches you can get now. They come in rubber strap with different unisex colors.


4. [rad-hl]Casio Wristwatch[/rad-hl]

Price N4,600- N31,600

The japenese technology brand has been making wristwatches since 1983. With their first quartz watch F-91w selling billions since it was first released in 1991. Casio has been innovative in making wristwatches from digital watches, sensor watches, radio-synchronized watch to sport outgear watches. All with different type of strap from Stainless steel to rubber straps. The casio is one of the coolest watches to own.

Kenneth cole

3. [rad-hl]Kenneth Cole Leather strap watch[/rad-hl]

Price N22,295- N39,995

Kenneth cole is known for their sophisticated fashion taste and they sure show that in all their wristwatches. My personal favourite is the Kenneth cole men/women’s transparent leather watches, they are so sleek and simple. The Kenneth cole leather watch collection is available for men and women also in different timeless styles.


2. [rad-hl]Tissot Wristwatch[/rad-hl]

Price N67,895- N271,695

Tissot was the first brand to create a wristwatch with a touch-sensitive face. All you have to do is to tap the face of the watch and it changes I think that is really cool. I have no doubt about tissot watches because they are masterpieces and they don’t come cheap as well. They make high class wristwatches for men and women.


1. [rad-hl]Movado Wristwatch[/rad-hl]

Price N155,495-N550,495

Since 1881, Movado is known to be a luxury watch brand and also their legacy of innovation in watch design. The Movado is targeted at the premium customers like you.

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