Tips to Help you avoid buying a fake Bag online


A couple of weeks back while going through Instagram I came across a picture that showed two women one was dressed in a very hot purple dress while the other one was a hot mess the caption of this photo was “what I ordered and what I got”. As it turns out the woman who looked a hot mess had bought a counterfeit. Then you wonder how you can check to see if what you are ordering is the original version or the fake version.

For clothes and other items it’s a bit difficult but for bags there are steps you can follow to be able to know what you are going for because its really upsetting to spend a large sum of money and at the end of the day what you have is a fake bag.

  • Getting a feel of the bag in real life, this gives you enough insight on how it really looks and feels like. This would come in handy when you want to purchase it online.
  • Uneven or poorly made stitches is a red alert that probably means its counterfeit.
  • Do your research on the retail prices because a sale or discount might be too good to be true.
  • The lining is always a dead giveaway because of the colors, they almost always do not match. So make sure you zoom in on the lining.
  • If you are buying a bag from an online retail site always ask for the serial number, this is to check for proof of purchase.
  • Checking the logo’s and Hardware is important because this is one of the likely spots where the counterfeit fails as each designer have specific details that they may not capture.
  • Lastly take time, research and shop from a trusted site like Jumia.

This tips is how to tell if you are buying a fake or original bag online, follow them and you won’t have any reason to be angry anymore. What do you think guys, would this help you or not? Lets know in the comment section below.