Do you snore? Ways to help you stop snoring


You might wonder why am talking about snoring after all its a mans only thing, well if you think this then you are wrong because in truth so many women snore just like men and this off cause its either due to congestion or tiredness or etc.

Snoring is a big deal because it can be pretty annoying and I say this because I had to deal with it. There is nothing comical about snoring so if you want rid of it the first step to take is to find the cause which can be any of the following; Nasal congestion, smoking, drinking, tiredness, Allergies, sedatives, sleeping habits etc.

Here are some active ways that can help you stop snoring;

  • If your snoring is due to Nasal congestion then take time to clear your nostrils by using nasal decongestants, menthol, Neti-pot or humidifier before you go to bed.
  • If its due to tiredness then take a warm bath before you go to bed as this would help de-stress your body and relief you.
  • If its due to weight then exercising day and night is perfect because it would help maintain a proper sleep schedule.
  • Your sleeping position contributes to snoring so if this is the case simply change your sleeping position (if you sleep on your back please switch to the side because back sleepers are prone to snoring). Also prop your pillows before you sleep.
  • Your frequent intake of alcohol and cigarette can cause blockage in your airway so if you are addicted to this you have to stop at once.
  • If you feel when you inhale too much dust you snore then visit an allergist you might be allergic to dust.
  • Get an anti-snoring device like a mouth guard or theravent.

These are the ways that can help stop snoring; Make sure you don’t ignore this, spread the word and help a friend.