Scents of Love – Top fragrances for valentine


“[rad-hl]Top fragrances for valentine[/rad-hl]”

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February, the love month is finally here  and there are  101 ways to say I love you with gifts from Jumia this valentine. As part of the countdown to the love season we hand picked the perfect gifts for your loved ones this valentine. Our hand-picked gifts include the top scented fragrances for your partner. Fragrances are one of the best gifts to show your love and affection for someone. Whether they are customized or bought off the shelf, your partner will definitely appreciate them.

Personally I love perfumes and I find it seamless to identify and commend someone that smells nice. I do it everyday at work and even when a guy smells nice I can’t help but compliment them. Getting your partner the perfect perfume could be difficult but to be honest it’s just about knowing your partner’s traits and preferences. Some like their perfumes very strong while others prefer to go mild. Here is our top fragrance selection for Valentine.

[rad-hl]Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman [/rad-hl]: This fragrance has a powerful scent and is for the high class man, tailored to suit his person. The mixture of hard and sweet scent reflects his personality as being successful, charming and a perfect gentleman. There is no doubt this will be a perfect gift for a man with such persona.


[rad-hl]Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Cologne Spray EDP [/rad-hl]

The house hold perfume brand is known for their signature scents for women and they have stolen the hearts of many with the mild scent from the Tommy girl cologne spray. This will make an amazing gift for a lady this valentine. The fragrance will stick while all other gifts will fade on Valentine’s day.


[rad-hl]Chanel Coco Chanel Eau De Parfum[/rad-hl]

One of my favorite perfumes, Coco Chanel eau de parfum comes with the strong and long lasting floral scent. It also has a mix of rose giving you the seductive scent a man can’t resist. The Coco Chanel perfume will make a great gift with the signature scent lasting longer.


[rad-hl]Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie[/rad-hl]

Miss dior cherie is a smart, stylish inspiring young lady who possesses so much passion with sweet scents from strawberry. The dior cherie perfume will keep your lady feeling young and refreshing.


[rad-hl]New Musk for men[/rad-hl] : This is a valentine special perfume for men.


Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.12.40 PM           Fragrances for your love this valentine on Jumia.

This article was written by Olamide Amosu