Top Up your Wardrobe with These 6 Chic Tops


Hello Fashionistas,

We are back to the basics once again. If you do not own at least 3 of these tops, then your wardrobe is incomplete. We selected these stylish basics for every woman’s wardrobe. Get these tops now for a more stylish you.

Floral Top

Spice up our look with a burst of colorful floral prints and steal the show wherever you go.


Peplum Top

The good news about a peplum top is that it is a perfect concealer of a bulging tummy. Most women will agree that there come those annoying times when all you feel is bloated. A peplum is always a loyal friend in these desperate times of need.



Monochrome Top

Stay safe in the comforts of an ever reliable monochrome top and you never have to worry about commiting any fashion blunder.



Little White Top

These are priceless and no lady should be caught without a basic white top.



Kimono Top

Kimono tops are multi-purpose in nature. From beach outings to casual dates, a kimono never fails you.



Crop Top

Show some skin with a crop top. The come in several colors and styles you will love.


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This article was written by Aisha Aburime