Not all treasure is silver and gold, but an iPhone X at N100,000 comes close.

You want it? Go get it! Lurking somewhere as part of Jumia Black Friday Festivities, an iPhone X has been buried waiting for its knight in shining armour to come to its rescue.

This giveaway is part of the ongoing 2017 Jumia Black Friday Sales, where everyday Jumia gives away an item to one lucky customer at an unheard of price. Could this be you?

Remember, the Jumia Black Friday sales are still on from November 13th to December 13th with over 1million deals.

Want to attend the November Trace Jumia Black Friday MAD Fest concert? Download the Jumia app and register to secure a free ticket now!

Let the game be ventured!



41 thoughts on “TREASURE HUNT! FIND THE iPHONE X & BUY N100,000”

    1. Hi Tunji, all you need to do is to find it the traditional way- look through the website

        1. Hi Ola, Yes you can search but you will most likely not get it. You need to comb the pages of the website and luck might just fall on you.

  1. Been looking for it for 4 day’s straight….but I’ll not give in to my fatigue ????????????

    1. Hi Ukachi, all you need to do is simply search through the website and you might just be the lucky winner of one the treasure hunt’s item.

    1. Hi Regina, It is very true. Already we have a winner for the first iPhone X and you can also be a lucky winner of another iPhone X if you search the website very well

  2. Hello is it the iPhone X we are looking for or some other item & is it limited to any particular category??

    1. Hi Sammie, it runs until December 13. So you need to keep scouting the website

    1. Hello Prince, Don’t worry. You must keep trying, your next click might just get you to the treasure.

    1. Hi John, If you find the Treasure, quickly place an order for it and you can be sure it will be yours

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