Trending: The Hoverboard Smart Scooter


Welcome to the future, it’s the year 2015. Remember all those sci-fi books & movies about cool futuristic stuff? Well, the future they promised is finally here in the form of the Hovertrax aka Self Balancing Smart Scooter.


Do you hate walking, commuting or riding a vehicle? Meet the cool ride everyone is buzzing about. What started out as a gimmicky Social Media sensation is gradually becoming a transport staple. Why do you need it? First, you require zero training to ride one, consumes no energy, its two driver motors within the wheels makes for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth braking

Oh! The Hoverboard Smart Scooter totally defies traffic. Time to ditch the cars, bikes, buses and simply glide to work. Don’t forget, you also save the environment from pollution. Little wonder this dope invention has gone viral.

From celebrities riding and having fun with it, to hilarious skits of clumsy people struggling to ride & taking a fall, the hoverboard is a huge breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) for all lovers of the future.

But before you get one of these amazing smart scooters, let’s all (only the cool kids) take it for a spin in this video

Click here to get one of these amazing smart scooters. Enjoy the ride!

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