Update your Jumia Mobile App – Anticipation of the Mobile Week Megathon


If you have watched the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon video, you would see that there is a phrase which best sums up what is required of you during the week; You Better be ready, You Better be fast! To be fast you have to be ready so how ready are you? For one, you have to have downloaded the Jumia Mobile App on your phone as the big deals will be available on the App a good 4 hours before they become available on the desktop website!

Many of you already have the App installed on your phones but unfortunately the version you have installed in below the required version for the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon! Do not let this hinder you from your chance to grab a hold of the biggest mobile deals you have ever come across! Hurry now to your AndroidBlackberryiOS and Windows stores today to update your Jumia Mobile App!