Want to get under his skin? Start with a flirty dress!


Doesnt it hurt admiring that guy from afar and he simply has no clue? You can’t blame a brother for staying in his lane to avoid being curved, we already know that Nigerian girls are one of the most difficult sets of women to woo. On the other hand, the dilemma of how to flirt with men can be a herculean. Play coy? Be brash?  Flirting opportunities are everywhere. But sometimes an impromptu encounter can leave even the most dauntless lady afeared.

Rather than pray to the goddess of coquetry to tap you with her magic wand, let us arm you with a seduce-him-silly arsenal that’s guaranteed to hit him below the belt — anytime, anyplace. And we mean that. We have body language that’ll break the ice, lines that’ll lure him and tactics that’ll keep him in a trance.

  • You want to get under his skin? You need the perfect your body language and it begins with a nice dress
  • Don’t shy at staring at him, do it right away
  • He doesn’t bite, Pay him a genuine compliment and he will think about it though out the day
  • Step up your small talk game. You will surprised how much of his interest you can get.
  • When you go on a date, the color you really want to be wearing is red. To put it bluntly, red is an aphrodisiac
  • Pick up interest in some of the things he likes e.g. sports
  • Make a conscious effort to put yourself in his path, without seeming too obvious. Be careful not to overdo it
  • During conversation, touch his knee or hand for emphasis
  • Guys love to hear their names — throw his into conversation a couple of times, and he’ll know you’re into him
  • Be spontaneous, guys like to be surprised once in a while.


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