Ways to Celebrate Mothers’ Day in Style


Ever wondered why we have numerous dates set aside for Mother’s day in a year?  People put up Display pictures and posts every now and then on social media pages – getting all lovey-dovey about  Mothers, and this keeps one wondering – “okay, Mother’s day was just two months ago”. If you ever wondered why, here is the reason.

Mother’s day is practiced according to religious doctrines and declarations on World Event Calendars. In East and Southern Africa, mother’s day is observed on the second Sunday of May, French speaking Africans observe it on the last Sunday of May while most North African countries observe it on the 21st of March. We also have “Mothering Sunday”, usually practiced by the Catholics.

But then, even if Mother’s are celebrated five times a year, they deserve it right? Pampering them as often as possible is never too much to appreciate them for all the years of sleepless nights and tender care they offered you.

So no matter the time of the year you celebrate Mother’s day, below are fond ways that will create everlasting memories you can employ to celebrate your mother on this special day.

Make a painting of her

This never grow old, make a beauty painting of her with endearing words nicely printed at the corner of the picture. This speaks volumes.


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The Royal Treatment

Give her a royal treatment. Book a Spa session then get a personal Chauffeur to take her there. Book her a mini vacation or lodge her in a five star hotel in Lagos.

Give her a Shopping voucher

A better way to treat her specially is to give her a shopping voucher so she can go on a shopping spree to buy things she loves. You can get shopping vouchers from trusted online stores like Jumia.

Pay her a Surprise Visit

It’s been long you have been home; she keeps asking when you are coming to visit. Nothing will melt her heart than to show up when least expected to wish her “Happy Mothers’ day”. Of course do not go empty handed, buy something she loves – yards of lovely Ankara or latest lace, a pair of shoes or bags – something she will love. It is an opportunity for you to leave the busy city life in places like Lagos and enjoy the warmth of home/family.

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Take her on a Date

Book a table in one of the finest restaurants in hotels like, Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Lagos Oriental Hotel or Radisson Blu. Go on girls’ night out, make her feel young and special. Go for Karaokee and boat cruise – have a lot of fun with her.