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Smart Gadgets

A lot of things survived the millennium bug; computers, credit cards, mobile phones and more. As luck would have it, one thing that was not able to scale through was limitations. In actual fact we seem to be living in the best of times in human history where science and technology are continuously pushing boundaries and barriers that might have otherwise hindered our enormous potential.

The proliferation of wearable technology in recent times poses a huge victory for science and technology which sadly many of us are not taking advantage of or at least recognizing the convenience it presents. In a modern day world of robots and commercial flight shuttles to the moon, we can be excused for wearable technology not making the front covers and for it relatively flying under the radar of fascinating.


The beauty of these innovative pieces is the very fact that they make up some of the most stylish and glamorous fashion accessories one could assemble. The spotting of a Samsung galaxy gear for example speaks volumes as to the refined and contemporary nature of the wearer, one that otherwise could not have been gotten from the wearing of whichever elaborate jewelry.

A closer look at these initiatives exposes the numerous gains that can be derived from innovations such as Google Glass, Smart wristwatches, Digital Clothing and the like. Here is a quick overview of the wearable technology that can be found in the Jumia Store.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: This a smart wristwatch with a refined design‎, ‎high‎‐quality finishes‎,‎ eluding luxury and a versatility to go well with any outfit. It allows for users to live in the moment while staying connected to their Samsung Galaxy devices. The watch notifies users of incoming messages‎,‎ such as calls‎,‎ texts‎,‎ emails and alerts‎,‎ delivers a preview of these messages and creates the opportunity for users to accept or discreetly ignore those messages‎.‎ It has an inbuilt speaker that allows the wearer conduct hands‎‐free calls directly from the Gear‎,‎ maintaining connections to their mobile communications without disrupting their daily routines.

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Equipped with a 1.9 Megapixel camera‎ users who are on the move can record both photos and video to create quick‎,‎ visual records of important information or events from their daily lives and share them on their social networks‎! Users can also draft messages‎,‎ create new calendar entries‎,‎ set alarms‎,‎ and check the weather on the GALAXY Gear with S Voice.

Cookoo Smart Bluetooth Watch: Designed to simplify your life‎,‎ the Cookoo watch has a beautifully designed analog watch face with easy to read icons to display the information you need anywhere‎,‎ anytime‎.‎ The smart‎,‎ user‎‐friendly interface will easily keep you connected and help manage your phone‎,‎ apps‎,‎ and social networks.

You can get notifications of incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook messages and posts, Twitter mentions, calendar reminders, sms, email messages, phone low battery among others. What’s more is that you can very well customize the setting based on your lifestyle and select which notifications you want to receive and whether you want to be notified by an icon‎,‎ beep‎,‎ or vibration‎.‎


At the event of you misplacing your phone and not knowing where you had left it last, one simple press of a button on the Cookoo watch will sound an alert on your phone so you can find it quickly. This feature is almost at par with a solution to peace in the Middle East! The Cookoo watch is compatible with a lot of mobile phone devices such as those with Ios7 and Android 4.3 operating systems so no one is left out.


These two smart watches reviewed are just a tip of the iceberg of the numerous wearable technologies out there for you to take advantage of. The futuristic Google glass needs no introduction while Ring, the finger ring that recognizes hand gestures and allows you to control a good number of electronics simply by drawing in the air are also some of the innovations you should keep your tabs on.

The future is no longer in the horizon, the future is now!

This article was written by Yemi Kuti