The How To of the Week : Handling negative feedbacks on social media


Any brand with a smidgen of self-respect understands the importance of addressing negative feedback on social media with iron-fist seriousness. Ignore a negative feedback and you lose all value of the brand you are. Manage it halfheartedly, and you become a virtual clown.

So what do you do to exterminate the raging monster that is negative Social Media commentary when it rears its ugly head? Stay ready with these simple, but stern steps.

Evaluate: Not all negative feedback is intrinsically bad. Some are actually warranted. Keep calm and assess the circumstances of the negativity expressly. Why, Who, How, What? Once you have that listed, you can narrow down your next course of action.

Empathize: Are they Right or Wrong? This won’t be the time for a course in Morality 101. Rather, you want to put yourself in the mind of the aggrieved to figure out why they decided on a hot-faced attitude. No matter how awful the type of language they employ, you MUST be empathetic. Listen, show understanding, apologize, promise to be helpful and actually follow through.

Promptness: Lest a couple of string of words transform into a downward spiral. You better be fast with follow ups. Respond the moment you notice or catch wind of said negative feedback. Could be real-time, minutes or days later. Respond instantly. Remember, Social Media is whole a universe on its own. Nothing is ever really gone. A seemingly forgotten negative feedback can come back to haunt you days, months or years later.

Response: In tense situations like this, tone is everything. You want to choose your words carefully because a highly disgruntled person is wound up tight, and the slightest twist could make them snap. Speak calmingly, reassuringly and amicably.

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