What Makes A Phone Hot?


Phones come in all shapes and sizes but what really makes a phone hot? Is it the camera, the operating system, the battery life, the memory capacity or the durability? Jumia, Infinix and MTN are┬ástorming through campuses like Unilag, LASU, Unibadan and the University of Abuja to directly find out what makes a phone the subject of a customer’s innermost desires. As you would expect, it has so far been a case of different strokes for different folks as answers have varied across a wide range of areas.

This begs the question: is there such a phone that can collectively meet the varying priorities of customers? If so, how close is it to coming to fruition? Whether or not Jumia, Infinix and MTN are plotting to make the virtually impossible possible remains to be seen but customers nationwide can as well start crossing their fingers.


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10 thoughts on “What Makes A Phone Hot?”

  1. My infinix zero 2 vibration is not working and the vibrating settings is on. What do I do?

    1. Thanks for your response Samuel but Hot in this context means highly sought after

  2. lols! Samuel you are funny, well I think that’s what you understand by the question of HOT.

  3. Just because gadget heat is normal doesn’t mean it’s
    good. To a user, excessive warmth emanating from a
    device may be irritating or even alarming; to the
    gadgetin particular, its battery heat is a mortal threat.
    “Heat is a killer of all batteries

    1. Hi Olaide, by ‘hot’ what we actually mean is highly sought after. So we would love to hear from you, what qualities do you think makes a phone hot?

  4. long lasting batry lyf,clasy dzign,lyt wei8 body,bryt display nd quality camera.But considring d fact dat d most important feature of a gud phon is d batry lyf den wat i tink wud make a phon hot is if it last long n stil hav a built-in powr bank for further use

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