What Your Kitchen Needs- Essentials


Jumia doesn’t only deal in fashion items and beauty products. We have a wide selection of [rad-hl]Home & Living products[/rad-hl] for your home. Have you ever wondered how much it will cost you to set up your kitchen or what you really need to set up your kitchen? Most times we run out of our budget because there are so many[rad-hl]new electronics[/rad-hl] available for the home, so we place priorities based on what we feel we can do with now. Not to worry, here comes Jumia to the rescue.

I have put together a[rad-hl] list of essentials[/rad-hl]that your kitchen needs even if you are just moving into a new house or you are a bachelor. Personally i won’t do without these items in my kitchen and I believe you will also need these items which are really affordable.


[rad-hl]Pots and Pans[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Pots and pans[/rad-hl] are everyday essentials that we all use in our kitchens. When stocking up your kitchen you should put them at the top of your list. I would recommend non-stick pots and pans so your food will not stick and they are easier to wash off.

– [rad-hl]2 pots[/rad-hl]: One small pot for cooking small scale food and a slightly bigger one for cooking for more people.

-[rad-hl]Frying pan[/rad-hl]: very important for breakfast and other deep frying most of us do. Frying chicken, meat, turkey, plantain and many more. You only need one of these

-[rad-hl]Wok[/rad-hl]: If you are like me that likes to make sauces and stir fries, you should do your light frying using a wok. It absorbs less heat and goes a long way in filling up plates for a lot of people.


[rad-hl]Cooking Utensils[/rad-hl]

There are different types of utensils that can be used for cooking. I have selected the must-haves in your kitchen drawer from[rad-hl]Spoons[/rad-hl],[rad-hl]Turning spoons (Spatula)[/rad-hl],[rad-hl]Chopping boards[/rad-hl] and knives. You can buy some of your kitchen utensils in a pack, they sometimes come with all the necessary items.

– [rad-hl]Cooking spoons[/rad-hl]: I would recommend you have at least one plastic spoon for simple cooking, One iron spoon for deep frying and wooden when you are making stir frys and sauces.

-[rad-hl]Turning spoon[/rad-hl]: This can be used when making your Nigerian specials; eba, amala, poundo yam and many more.

-[rad-hl]Knives[/rad-hl]: Need I not explain how important knives are in the kitchen. You don’t need chef knives, you only need really sharp knives.They come handy when trying to cut or chop things in the kitchen. This is almost every time you’re cooking. Knives usually come in a selection from the really small ones to the butchering knives.

– [rad-hl]Chopping board[/rad-hl]: I included chopping board because most times you have to cut a lot with your knives it is hygienic to use a chopping board. I use this to chop pepper, cut meat and other ingredients for cooking. I would recommend the [rad-hl]wooden chopping board[/rad-hl] because they are very strong.


Kitchen Electronics

Some of my kitchen favorites because they make things a lot easier when you are cooking. I for one can’t do without them because of how effective they are.

– [rad-hl]Toaster[/rad-hl]: For sandwiches and toast. All you need is just your bread, eggs and butter to grease your toaster and your sandwich will be ready in less than 5 minutes. They make breakfast really easy.

– [rad-hl]Blender[/rad-hl]: For blending pepper for stew rather than going all the way to the market. They also come in handy for blending beans, Fruits for healthy fruit juice and milk shake. Blenders are multi-purpose, all you need is a good one for an affordable price and your blender will process all your raw veggies.

– [rad-hl]Microwave[/rad-hl]: For easy heating of food, microwaves can be used to defrost cold food directly from the freezer as well. They work too fast that you can’t afford not to have one in your kitchen. I use the microwave for warming my cold food; you can regulate the temperature if you want it to be really hot or just warm.

– [rad-hl]Kettle[/rad-hl]: For heating up your water for cooking or maybe Tea. But for whatever you need hot water for an electric kettle is your best option they work very fast in less than five minutes you have your very hot water.

The [rad-hl]kitchen[/rad-hl] is one of the most important places in your house because that is where all the food you eat come from. Getting the right items for your kitchen is as important as buying new cloths because they make your cooking easy. And also they give your kitchen a different and simple look.

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  1. Absolutely Olamide, Kitchen needs too many accessories to make a delicious and healthy food everyday. As per my knowledge, blender, juicer, microwave and flour mills are the basic requirements for the kitchen.

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