Whatever Your Hair Needs, Philips Has Got the Right Clipper For You!


Are you badly in need of a good hair clipper and wouldn’t mind a little guide? The Philips HC 5100/3100 Hair Clippers may just be the solution you seek. Bear in mind that how you plan to use your clipper would determine the exact type you need. It could even be that you want to gift one out. Here’s some help.

So which of these describes you, find a hair clipper perfect for you.

I Need a Quick Shave at Home

If you’re a DIY king and can give yourself a badass shave at home, then the HC 3100 would be ideal for you.

  • Bump free, less rash.
  • Perfect for hair and face.


  • Bump-free cut and shave with less rash.
  • Copper motor coil.


  • Durable, steel blades.

  • Extra-long cord.
  • 4 click-on combs.



I’d Rather My Barber Use My Own Clippers

You would prefer a trip to the barber’s shop than a DIY at home? Then the HC 5100 is your buddy. Find product descriptions below.

  • The sharpened, stainless steel blades cut the hair at skin level, giving a close cut.Sharp blades for a close, precise cut.


  • Strong Philips Pro steel blades are designed to withstand chips and cracks, lasting up to 4 times longer.


  • Adjustable blades with a convenient thumb lever adjustment, the blades can be set to achieve a bold cut.


  • Additional combs will give you more freedom to play with multiple hair styles.

  • Textured handle for an easy, comfortable grip.



  • Specially designed blade tips for less cuts The tips of the Philips blades are designed to reduce the risk of cuts while clipping your hair or beard.



You can shop for any of these Hair clippers here.