Smart Phones R Us


With so much hype, craze and anticipation about the release of the new iPhone, the whole world is excited about the release of the iPhone 5, except one of Apple’s main competitor; Samsung.  Samsung is of the opinion that their Galaxy S3 is the real deal and a more superior device to Apple’s new gadget. Samsung has made clear its intentions to prove their point to the world with this image they recently released. The image compares the features of the new iPhone and those of Samsung’s GalaxyS3.


Images have also been released comparing phones from other brands such as Nokia to the iPhone 5. Even the  Blackberry Torch9800 and Bold 9900 are right up there in the mix. Competition is definitely heating up to see who tops the battle of the smartphones. Which one will you be buying?

While we wait to see who comes out on top, you can get all the latest smart phones, such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on

Look out for the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the iPhone 5, coming soon to!!!!!