4 years ago, it was Octopus Paul who predicted the winnings for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Taking centre stage for this year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia is Achilles the Cat, and dare I say, he has big shoes or rather tentacles to fill. Apparently, he has one advantage: cat sense.

Achilles is busy training his body and mind in Russia’s St Petersburg in the hope of correctly predicting the 2018 World Cup winner.

Football fans around the world will place their bets on this very skilled cat and will have many questions for him. Who will win the world cup? Will the Super Eagles make it to Round 16? Will they make it all the way?

All we can do, while we all wait for this psychic furry white feline to predict the winners and losers, is; show our support for our boys, the Super Eagles. And Jumia is helping fans show their support as they #CelebrateDGame from the 4th Р10 of June, with activities where they can also be rewarded for their support.

Some of the activities lined up to reward Nigerians for watching all the games include: (1) Cashback programme: where customers who buy TVs will get reimbursed if the Super Eagles make it to Round 16.

(2) Football tournament: fans can shoot videos of unique ball juggling skills and stand a chance to win amazing freebies;

(3) Naija Fans Essentials: hundreds of football-related items to be won, such as jerseys, soccer shoes, casual sneakers etc.;

(4) Show Love for Your Team Video: fans can upload short videos of themselves showing support for their favourite teams; videos with the highest number of likes will be rewarded with fantastic deals;

(5) Spin and Score: over N50,000 worth of vouchers will be given out during the duration of the tournament.

Our eyes are on Achilles the cat, let’s hope this cat sense works in our favour.

Article written by COCO