Why I Love Christmas!


I love, love love Christmas. On Christmas day, the earth stands still, yes it does. Every other day pales in comparison. I think Christmas matches all the hype and way more! For some of us, the whole year just rolls by and then boom it’s Christmas and everything comes alive! Scratch that, EVERYONE loves Christmas.

The Christmas Whiff

Christmas has a smell. Don’t ask me to describe it Inside, outside, once we step into the second week of December, everywhere just takes on a particular fragrance. This smell provokes a feeling of happiness, (maybe that new commissioner can explain better :D). So it a few days to Christmas, take a whiff, I’m sure you’d catch it too.

Harmattan – The Season of The Season

Being born in the last quarter of the year and in a place that actually experiences true Nigerian Harmattan, it is easily my favourite of our two seasons. The hotness and dryness all combined. I love it! When I hear the song – “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, my mind immediately goes to the fogs associated with Harmattan, our very own Nigerian winter. Maybe it is because somewhere in our hearts, harmattan equals Christmas is almost here!

Food Oh Food!

Jumia Christmas

Food everywhere! Take a minute and picture Christmas without all the accompanying food, impossible right? You’d agree that mom’s Christmas meals have such signature tastes that they are rarely replicated all year long! I especially look forward to Christmas because – FOOD. I know right, life of a foodie.


Jumia Christmas

Everyone is nice at Christmas, (well almost everyone). Gifts abound. Quick question: Why are hampers not shared during the year? Answer: There is a reason they are called Christmas Hampers! There is this lowkey nudging that makes you want to give someone a present this period whether they deserve it or not, it just feels right to. It’s hard to go through the season without receiving a gift or two.


Jumia Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly!  During Christmas season, the joy in the air is so thick you could cut it. It is as contagious as it is thick. There’s usually something to be excited about. You’re either so thrilled that its Christmas or wondering everyone one else is so filled with glee. Eitherways, soak in the joy of the season, even your health will thank you for it!

So, why do you love Christmas! Tell us in the comment section and stand a chance to win a Jumia Gift Card!

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