Countdown to NSFDW – Upcoming Designers to look out for


“Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week”

The official countdown to the 2nd ever Nigerian Student Fashion & Design week has started and as you well know, Jumia is boosting everything fashion so we are official sponsors of this huge event. This is because we are young and we love to support the youths who are creative and doing really cool stuff. Most of us spent our University days doing the regular but these days the university students are doing a lot more, also they are going all entrepreneurial which has always been our core. The NSFDW will be showcasing fashion from different upcoming student designers and we have selected some of their collections for you to watch out for them during the week.

Today, Meet some of the young upcoming Nigerian designers, Who tell us a bit about themselves and some of their hottest pieces to be seen on the Runway at the NSFDW.

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                                                   Meet ‘Stevie Okorie’ CEO of S-Plus Fashion House

Steve Okorie is from Abia state. He studied Computer Science from Covenant University. He loves and breathes fashion! He has been in the industry for 3 years now. He wishes to reach out to a greater audience, learn about making a reputable brand and also build more contacts. His advice to Young people who want to venture out is to know what they really want and be determined to bring something new to the table.

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Meet Vovwe Omoko ‘CEO- Ovems Fashion

Vovwe Omoko is a graduate of Fine and Applied Arts from Delta University, Abraka Nigeria. She had a formal training in fashion from a fashion school. Personally, she sees fashion as a trend with comfort, style and class and not via religions or societal judgement. she intends to use her brand to become a formidable force in the industry.

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Meet Harrieta Muazu CEO- Harrieta Kollection

Harrieta Muazu is from Kaduna state and studied Industrial Design. She is a natural at Design concepts and ideas. Shen picks ideas from her environment,existing designs and tries to modify them and make them more creative for people to wear.

Follow our countdown tomorrow as we highlight some of the designers to watch out for at the upcoming Nigerian student fashion and design week in Lagos.

This article was written by Aisha Aburime

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  1. Up Vovwe! Can’t wait to see her collections. She’s truly top-class. Watch out 4 Ovem’s Fashions.

    1. Thank you Charles for dropping your comment. Be sure to join in the count down!

  2. Ovems Fashion Allday!!! Her designs are jux simply out of this world,inshort owt of this universe…so so Original..strong believer in Ovems Fashion and her royal freshness lady Vowe Omoko.keep up d excellent work.

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  3. TeamS+… Keep Up the good work man… May God make you BIG!!! 🙂

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  4. Vovwe ooo. ..we’re gunning for you…can’t wait to get a fitting from u too. ..up uuuu

  5. Ovem’s Fashion, two words – chic and contemporary. Thumbs up Vovwe!!! The world will celebrate you.

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