A Special Valentine's Dinner at CCX Lagos


Valentine’s Day might be over but the memory of the day lingers on. Today being throwback Thursday means we can spend some time reflecting on just what went down on the day itself. I was lucky enough to score a free dinner for myself and my plus one at the CCX Lounge, along with the winners of our Match Made on Jumia competition. So what follows is a review of sorts, and my general thoughts on the establishment and its Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza.

Located in the heart of Victoria Island at No. 273 Kofo Abayomi Street, the place wasn’t difficult to find; it was just around the bend on the other side of Mega Plaza. There is limited parking available in their parking lot though, so keep that in mind if you plan on going there during a busy holiday. Walking through the front doors and into the main foyer, we were immediately greeted by bright neon lights that read “CCX Lagos.”

A couple having dinner on Valentine's Day at the CCX Lounge

There was a small enclosed lobby here, where we met up with the other four couples from the competition. We didn’t spend long there before we were shepherded into the main dining area, which was spacious and contained a bar on one end. The walls were adorned with murals depicting everything from quaint scenery to music icons and urban culture. There were several sitting areas around each mural, each one having its own individual look and vibe, but everything still gelled together to make a cohesive whole.

Okay, so the place looked stylish and well furnished. How about the food? I mean, this was supposed to be the whole point of our time there after all. Well, I’m pleased to report that not only was the food great, but we were also attended to in a professional manner as well. We were treated to a 5-course meal, which consisted of our choice of soups, salads, starters, a main course and dessert, and a complimentary bottle of red wine.

My plus one wasn’t too keen on the wine, but I had no problem with its slightly sour aftertaste, so I’d spent the better part of the evening systematically making my way through the entire bottle.

Our table, laden with food during the CCX Valentine's dinner

We were spoilt for choice when it came time to choose what to eat, but our assigned waiter was patient enough to walk us through the available options. I eventually settled upon the CCX Steak Special with Mashed Potatoes for my main course, while my plus one had what looked like a decent helping of fish and chips. The soup, salad and starter portions were quite small on their own, but I confess that I was almost already full by the time the main course arrived. Lucky enough, we were given the opportunity to have the leftovers boxed up to take home. I’m afraid that I might have exploded otherwise.

Overall, the food was great and the atmosphere was very chill and relaxed. I imagine this would be a great place to come and unwind after a busy day or week at work. The jukebox seemed to have the same four songs on rotation though, but aside from that, there isn’t really anything to complain about. After our meal, the resident chef was nice enough to come out from the kitchen to ask us all what we thought about the food, to which I’d given him a very emphatic double thumbs up.

The Valentine’s dinner was just one part of the overall CCX Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza of course, and by the time we were leaving the place at almost 10:30pm, their Nostalgia Ultra movie night was already well underway. Couples were seated on mats in front of a large display in the garden area. I couldn’t tell what movie was currently showing, though I’m curious to know how they dealt with mosquitoes out there, assuming there were any. We didn’t linger long enough to find out for ourselves.

Have you been to the CCX Lounge before? How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below.