Most Affordable Camera Phones For Bloggers


Bloggers are on the rise in Nigeria and generally throughout the world. From the cool, colourful fashion bloggers, to the adventurous travel bloggers and prying gossip/entertainment bloggers, everyone is looking out for one thing.

Exquisite images.

The search for quality and clear images is top priority for everyone. Sadly, not everyone can afford the high-end DSLR cameras and even those who can afford them, may not necessarily know how to operate them.

Well, do not fret because we have an awesome solution for you. There are some cool smartphone cameras that give really crisp and clear images. The best part is, they are portable, readily user-friendly and most importantly, A F F O R D A B L E.

These smartphones possess such amazing image resolution, even the pros use them. So are you a blogger on the rise? Meet the best Camera phones for you in 2015:
1. iPhone 6 – The iPhone 6 has a super cool 8mp iSight camera with amazing features like focus pixels, face detection and exposure control.

Affordable Camera Phones for Bloggers
2. Samsung Galaxy S6 – Image clarity is unrivalled with the 16mp rare camera and 5mp front camera of the S6. It also has features like optical image stabilization and manual shutter speed control.

Affordable Camera Phones for Bloggers
3. LG G4 – This superb phone has the camera quality of 16mp with Image stabilization, fast aperture and autofocus performance.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Note 5 has a captivating camera with 16mp that produces unforgettable images and videos.

5. HTC One M9 – This latest model of HTC has a jaw-dropping 20mp camera quality with great low-light shooting conditions and beauty features.

Affordable Camera Phones for Bloggers

What is your opinion about our list? Leave your comments below and do not forget to check out all these cool Cameraphones Here.

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  1. Sure the phones on that list have great cameras but they are the latest high end phones. They are not affordable. How many of those phones can you get for under 100k? Thought so.

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