50% off Airline Tickets at #TheJumiaGames Treasure Hunt


Guess who joined our party to offer huge discounts on airline tickets? Air France & KLM airlines!!

This is not a drill!! Airline tickets are up for grabs guys! At 50% OFF to any destination that Air France & KLM flies to in the world. “Thank you. Thank you” for the applause. Dusts shoulder, we are bad like that!

Forget the Hunger Games, #TheJumiaGames is the realest phenomenon to hit Naija’s cyber culture right now.

So what’s the fuss about? This coming week, when the Jumia Anniversary kicks off in full gear, the sharpest & luckiest Jumia customers & fans will have a chance to 50% OFF tickets to any Air France or KLM destination in the world.

To make sure it goes round, 10 Air France/KLM vouchers will be scattered and hidden across the Jumia site so here is how you play:

Find the voucher
Proceed to check out and a confirmation would be sent to you.

Voila! Be fast, be sharp. And may the odds ever be in your favour.

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  1. Please announce the winners of the Jumia Anniversary trivia. I really wanna win a mobile phone. I need it to do my assignments

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