Catching up with the Jumians


Hello Guys,

I know everyone must have so many thoughts about what goes on in Jumia, especially about the people that work in Jumia. Now I’m going to try and help your creative minds with in-house gist about what goes on in the company every now and then.

So today at the Jumia Head-office, a lot of changes are going on around here because we are having our 1st Anniversary Staff party. As in, the anticipation has been too much.  Now the day has finally come and there’s excitement everywhere around me. So much to tell you about; from how some people have spiced up their outfits just for today. loool.

If you did not know, Jumia is a Year Old now and we have come a long way in Nigeria in so little time so this staff party is for about the hardworking staff at jumia who, through day and night, will continue to work to satisfy customers. Now at the head office, we have a few departments but all the other departments in different locations are coming together today. I will share so many pictures with you today in preparation for the most anticipated party in Jumia and not to worry.  I’ll also share post-event pictures with you next week.

Some of today’s activities included clearing up the space for the party. At the moment, everyone is working together in all the rooms upstairs, We had model casting for Jumia staff.  It was so hilarious most of us tried walking like the space was our runway.  Plus we had our colleagues as our audience so it was about faffing around was good laugh though. there have been talks about the food and bbq that will be going on this evening . Did I also tell you that we are over 400 members of staff coming together today in one location so you can imagine the craziness that will be going on.

Part of the activities highlighted for the Staff Party includes the Staff Awards. Everyone had to vote for the awards so there won’t be any ojoro. E.g Foodie of the year, the most-sought after person, Entrepreneurial award, Best Team, Best Department and many more.

Today Massi aka Spalazzi *loool* gave us a different look without his trainers wearing Yellow Jeans on Grey lace up drivers; so cool and trendy of him. He said today is the only that we will see him like this.  Another person that’s giving us a different look is MD of Hello Foods in his ‘JF Guinea Brocade Trad’


While chikodi aka Ricomaster has been going around with his owambe yoruba fila saying he is ready to party… He is cool like that…I guess we all deserve to be this excited we have done alot of work and come this far….

Rico's Fila

More pictures of the Pre-event activities.

Djskillz in d building

DjSkillz in the Building


Serious Matter


Casting Audience Loool


Its time to parteyyyyy. See you guys nextweek with picture of the party.