What About Blackberry Q5?


Hello Blackberry Lovers/Gadget Freaks,

Not that much buzz is out about the [rad-hl]new BlackBerry Q5[/rad-hl] like there was for [rad-hl]Z10[/rad-hl] or the recently released [rad-hl]Q10[/rad-hl]. That’s why I am here to tell you about the Q5.

We all don’t know what [rad-hl]Blackberry[/rad-hl] has got wrapped up their sleeves for us this year. If you are as faithful to blackberry like I was from the start, you will know how far blackberry has come. My first smartphone was [rad-hl]blackberry 8310[/rad-hl] the first set of curves released it had a qwerty keyboard and it was nothing fancy before the sleek Bold 1 came to sweep the market.

I am not a phone expert but like I said on my last review I love my Gadgets and they love me too loool.

The Q5 is a bit different from the other 2 [rad-hl]blackberry devices[/rad-hl] released this year. Blackberry went back to the roots with the q5. It has the original blackberry selling point, the qwerty keyboard  which is slightly smaller than the [rad-hl]q10[/rad-hl]. Although it has the new blackberry 10 Operating system, it also comes at a cheaper price than all the other new devices.

I am sure you are thinking of the same thing as me. Is the [rad-hl]Blackberry Q5[/rad-hl] for you?

Yes it can be if you are looking for a great bargain, you should not think twice as the Q5 comes at a really affordable price for such a top notch [rad-hl]blackberry smartphone[/rad-hl]at N62,365.

Other reasons why you should get a Q5

1. It comes with the original [rad-hl]blackberry[/rad-hl] easy to use qwerty keyboard

2. Quick access to your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Infact, you can type directly on your phone without having to open the app on your phone and you will get options of which network to update it on.

3. Connect with your family and friends 24/7 using the free Blackberry Messenger. You have full access on the Q5 and you can also use the BBM video and voice call for video calls.

4.  For the addicted internet surfers, the Q5 has 4G connectivity which is rare to find on even more expensive phones recently released.

5. Love to take good pictures? The Blackberry Q5 has a 5 Mega Pixel camera allowing you take sharp and clear pictures for any purpose; social or professional.

6. To all App lovers, the upgraded Blackberry World has all your favorite Applications with loads of cool improvements on Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Gaming Apps (Angry Birds, Temple run, Street fighter) Religious Apps (Bible, quran, prayer times), This day online, Nigerian constitution, Fashion Apps and many more.

With this and many more, I present to you all, [rad-hl]The New Blackberry Q5[/rad-hl]. You can be one of the first people to own this phone in Nigeria Order it now for only N62,365. You can order online for immediate purchase and it will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

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  1. been waiting for the arrival of this phone. would like to know when it comes out.

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