Fashion is Forever


There was a time in Nigeria where it was widely believed that there were certain children who frustratingly kept dying and re-entering their mother’s wombs only to be born again and this is why in our culture today we have so many children names that relate to this scenario. This same situation is very similar to the overall course of Fashion with fads coming and going and names such as retro and vintage being attributed to this.

Trends never seem to completely go away. More often than not, fashion fads only tend to temporarily disappear for a while only to resurface when you least expect them to. This is why predicting the future of fashion most especially men’s fashion is fairly simple; one only has to take a look at the past. This is a cycle which has its many benefits and disadvantages though. There are certain fads you hope to have seen the last of which crawl their way back and there are some you patiently wait for to return and which, thanking your lucky stars, actually do. The phrase “fashion forever” remains.

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What I would love to see more than an Outkast or A Tribe Called Quest reunion would be the return of Timberland boots, Converses and LumberJacks. As luck would have it, it was back when one didn’t have two coins to rub against each other that these were in vogue. What is comforting however is the fact that one can be rest assured that these fashion pieces among others would soon be making a comeback and Jumia would be on hand to have them delivered straight to my doorstep.

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It has been said however, ‘Sufficient unto today is the evil thereof’ which basically means you should not worry about things that might happen in the future as there are enough things happening in the present day to contend with. In line with this, shop todays latest trends and styles in Men’s Fashion on Jumia such as:

[rad-hl]Aztec Tees[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]One button Jackets and Coats[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Flossy shoes[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Patterned socks[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Slim fit jeans[/rad-hl]


[rad-hl]Polka Dots[/rad-hl]

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In fashion the old school always revolves to become the new school. The retro spins around to become the modern. The dead and buried always rises to become the current and contemporary. Surely fashion is forever and with it there is life after death. Save the roses.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

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