Fashion Trends 2014

“[rad-hl]Fashion Trends 2014[/rad-hl]”
Do you know what the trend will be like this year? Fashion is not rocket science; as long as your goal is to look good, you will always find a trend that fits your style . Just recently, we had color blocking coming back from the 70s and 80s and last year the Great Gatsby fashion trend rocked every runway including my own lovely body with the 50s fashion trend trailing back. Can you predict what the fashion trends will be this year?
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Already we have our own nigerian fashion trend ‘knot wrap dress’ Iro and buba trend following us into 2014. There is no event you go now where you will not have majority of the ladies rocking their hot silk material iro and buba in Wrap dress style. This is one trend to watch out for this year because i don’t see it leaving anytime soon. I wonder what designers are going to make of it this year. We have already seen designers like Toju Foyeh make it part of their last year’s collection. We hope to see more of it this year with more creative designs and fantastic fabrics as well.

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Let me have your predictions about the fashion trends you think will stick around this year and new ones that we should be expecting.

Photo credit: @Hautefashionafr Toju Foyeh

This article was written by Olamide Amosu