Grand Theft Auto V – The Review


We have seen tremendous buzz around new phone releases, softwares, and now we have the games taking the centre stage with the release of the Grand Theft Auto V on Sept 17th, 2013, Rockstar’s best since  ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ was released in 2008 . As one article starts, where do you begin talking about [rad-hl]Grand Theft Auto V[/rad-hl]?  Do you start with the huge dramatic and simply stunning open world? Or the innovative structure that gives you 3 independent protagonists you can switch between on the fly? No doubt the GTA V was a tremendous success from day 1 raking in about $800million (about 14 million units) in sales on the first day. Smashing previous records of game releases. GTA V is a fascinating, breath taking action game, the best of its kind which was fictionalized in a 3D world showcasing the best of Los Santos & Blaine County with amazing scenery from forests,mountains, to its busy streets.

From reviews of those with hands-on experience of the game, the GTA V is an action packed game with a good blend of action, multi-layered missions & great humour.  The new GTA V introduces 3 unique characters in the game bringing a different but interesting twist to the lead character feature of its predecessor. Asides the exceptional graphics, amazing sound quality & a unique assortment of machinery and artillery available for your missions, the 3 characters play a major role in making the GTA V a matchless piece of entertainment.

The intriguing characters that make the GTA V a stunner are;

1. Michael De Santa: A white retired bank robber who tries to overcome his obsession for crime with the pleasure of leaving in a quiet posh apartment with his crazy family. He is married to a wife who sleeps with their tennis instructor & yoga trainer, has an annoying daughter trying to get on a TV talent show & a lazy son who rants continuously.

2. Franklin Clinton: A black talented young driver whose ambition was to pull off grand crimes, thanks to Michael who makes his dream come true

3. Trevor Phillips: The most controversial yet interesting character. He is a former friend and business associate of Michael and typically known as a psychotic, violent & notorious drug dealer who resides in a desert town north of Los Santos. Smart but also insane, Trevor is the dude you definitely want to be

GTA V provides various side attractions that can keep you busy and relaxed when you want to chill from the exhausting missions. It is a definitely a must-have for every game freak and thanks to Jumia, you can enjoy the first hand experience in Nigeria from Monday, 23rd Sept, 2013 when the game will be available to buy.

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