Independence Day Jumbo Discount


Charity, as the old saying goes, begins at home. A standard proverb we have all heard way before the amalgamation of the Southern & Northern protectorate of good people of Nigeria in 1914.

We have an assortment of products to cater for Nigeria’s rich culture and our vast 250 ethnic groups dominated by Ibo, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba which make-up 18%, 29% and 21% respectively.

Jumia is offering Independence Day jumbo discounts of up to N25,000 on the website and N30,000 exclusively on the app for all items of your choice in felicitation of Nigeria’s 55th birthday for a day, Thursday, 1st of October,2015.

Simply log on to Jumia to place your order and don’t forget to use the discount codes to get some money back! The more you shop, the more you save!!!

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!