Selfie Sticks : The best way to take pictures


Hello J fam,
It’s Friday again. Time to TGIF and enjoy a fun weekend.

What’s your weekend plan? Hitting the club, Owambe parties or staying in bed? Selfies are a must. All day, anywhere. So stop! Take one now; at the party, as you scroll down, right in front of the mirror. But that can get tiring fast. So why not use a Selfie Stick?


Yes, that dainty, portable accessory that gives personal photos the cool selfie effect. Who needs a partner in photography when you have a Selfie Stick.

Stretch it. Twist it. Flip it you way. And take loads of cool Selfies. It’s the weekend after all. Let your hair down. All those Instagram selfies won’t take themselves


Super compatible with all range of smartphones. Jack it or bluetooth it and you are good to go. Strike a pose and say “CHEESE”! Have a happy Selfie weekend!