Stressed? Go to the Spa


Have you ever felt like screaming because of that tightness at the small of your back, the tension in your head, the pain in your shoulders or the kink at the base of your neck? Because  the week-long stress can take its toll.

You could decide to sit it out, lounging with your cup of juice or maybe curl up in bed with a good book and a glass of wine. But the truth is, nothing works out a kink like a good ‘ol massage. And what better place to enjoy this, than at the spa? The word alone gives me all sorts of ease. Lying down with scented candles all around, soft music playing and some hot stones and towels helping to relieve tension in tight muscles just before the masseur or masseuse even come with their midas touch.


A visit to the Spa has been proven to be one of the greatest stress relievers. A good ‘ol massage, facial treatment, steamer and any other spa care can improve your psychological health better than any other feel-good mechanism. Here are some benefits of getting a Spa treatment:

  1. A good and therapeutic massage would help you relief stress and reduce the aches and pain on your shoulder and back.
  2. Spa therapies like body wrap and steam baths promote intense sweating thereby removing toxins from the body.
  3. Facial treatments and body polishing therapies help the skin to glow and reduce ageing.
  4. A good foot scrub together with manicure and pedicure sessions can invigorate you and leave your hands and foot soft and clean
  5. Spa therapies such as hydrotherapy, massage and heat therapy can improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure.
  6. There are some spas which offer Yoga, and this helps the respiratory system and improves body flexibility.

spaDo your body a favour please and get to the Spa. Select from our amazing Spa deals here