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What book have you read recently? Did you like it? I’m pretty sure your answer might have something to do with whether the book was able to hold you spell bound. On the other hand, what attracts you to a book? A review? Or did you Judge the book by its cover. Today I’ll be sharing on how to judge a book not only by its cover (like you already do) but also keeping an open mind about different books and the stories they tell.

How many of you read Old books growing up? I am not asking about mills & boons or temptations, more like books that improve your knowledge? I did not like reading books while growing up, matter of fact, it was very easy for me to judge a book by its cover because it was all about images to me not that much of text. However, In the course of exploring life i have come across facts about books that have changed my perception about reading books.

Open book resting on stack on books

These days, i try not to judge a book until i have read it. It is easy for us to simply go for the Bestsellers just because they are selling out fast and ignore millions of books that are not best sellers. The true key to judging a book is by the number of people that actually like the book and would recommend it to others. Books that people around you don’t recommend are not bad or boring books, they just don’t attract you or your friends as an audience. Every book tells a story and are unique to readers just as their writers are.

Most times we tend to compare books to help us pick our preference on which to read but truth is, such comparison are however easier with movies. Just recently i watched Olympus has fallen and most people compared the movie to White house down. Now it is easy to compare the two movies because you could see it in their story lines but with books it is totally different. I can imagine comparing Chinua Achebe’s [rad-hl]Things Fall apart[/rad-hl]which is a classic with another Bestselling classic book, personally i won’t compare Things fall apart with any other because of how good it is.

The more recent ‘fun’ books like [rad-hl]Twilight[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]Games of Throne[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]50 Shades of Grey [/rad-hl]and  [rad-hl]The DaVinci Code[/rad-hl]all have the aim to entertain their readers leaving them guessing about what will happen next. Now i did not read the Game of Thrones books till i started watching the series and even after that i still find it hard to compare them.

After reading Chimamanda Adiche’s most recent novel ‘[rad-hl]Americanah[/rad-hl]’ i asked a couple of people who liked it if it is possible to compare it with any new book and they were not able to do so, they came close to comparing it with old classic’s but still it was not possible. Audiences differ just writers’ aim do too.

With this post, I just made a list of books you might have heard about and not read but you should have in your collection. As you peruse, have in mind not to judge until you have read them, This is a mix of different genre’s Classics with commercial fiction.

– [rad-hl]Sherlock Homes[/rad-hl]

– [rad-hl]JK rollins The Cuckoo’s Calling[/rad-hl]

– [rad-hl]There was a county by Chinua Achebe[/rad-hl]

– [rad-hl]Accidental Public Servant by El Rufai[/rad-hl]

– [rad-hl]The Great Gatsby[/rad-hl]

– Jane Austen – pride & prejudice

– [rad-hl]Charles dickens Oliver Twist[/rad-hl]

– [rad-hl]Fela Durotoye’s The Subordinate[/rad-hl]

– [rad-hl]The Tragedy of Victory: On-the-Spot Account of The Nigeria-Biafra War in The Atlantic Theatre[/rad-hl]

– A Long Walk to Freedom Vol 2: 1962-1994 


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